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Install Products

Install MathWorks products for any license type

The most common installation options for a single computer are:

For multiple computers on a network license, you must install the network license manager on a server before installing MATLAB® on client workstations. To install the network license manager on a license server, see Install License Manager on License Server.

If you are a student or an administrator on a Campus-Wide license, visit your institution's portal.


Single Computer

Install Products Using Internet Connection

Detailed, step-by-step installation instructions for installing MATLAB on a single computer with an Internet connection.

Download Products Without Installing

How to download products without installing them immediately or on the same computer.

Install Products Using File Installation Key

How to install MATLAB on a single computer that does not have an Internet connection.

Install Noninteractively

How to use an initialization file with the installer for noninteractive installation.

Update Your License

What to do if, during validation, you get the message that you need to update your license.

Multiple Computers

Install Products on Client Machines

Review MATLAB installation options for license administrators with a network license.