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Blöcke für die Modellierung von Matrixoperationen

Verwenden Sie Blöcke aus der Bibliothek "Matrix Operations", um gängige Matrixoperationen zu modellieren.


Create Diagonal MatrixCreate square diagonal matrix from diagonal elements
Cross ProductCross product of two vectors (Seit R2021b)
Extract DiagonalExtract main diagonal of input matrix
Hermitian TransposeCompute hermitian transpose of matrix (Seit R2021b)
Identity MatrixGenerate matrix with ones on main diagonal and ground values elsewhere (Seit R2021b)
IsHermitianCheck if matrix is Hermitian or skew-Hermitian (Seit R2022a)
IsSymmetricCheck if matrix is symmetric or skew-symmetric (Seit R2021b)
IsTriangularCheck if matrix is upper or lower triangular (Seit R2021b)
Matrix ConcatenateConcatenate input matrices of same data type for iterative processing
Matrix SquareCompute square of input matrix
Neighborhood Processing SubsystemCreate algorithm that follows the neighborhood pattern (Seit R2022b)
Permute MatrixReorder matrix rows or columns
Product, Matrix MultiplyMultiply and divide scalars and nonscalars or multiply and invert matrices
SubmatrixSelect subset of elements (submatrix) from matrix input
TransposeCompute transpose of matrix (Seit R2021b)