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Descriptive Statistics

Peaks, RMS level, peak-to-peak amplitude, crest factor, dynamic time warping, CUSUM control chart, edit distance

Use findpeaks to locate the local maxima of a signal and sort the peaks by height, width, or prominence. Determine the crest factor of a signal using the peak2rms function and compute common descriptive statistics like maxima, minima, standard deviations, and RMS levels. Search for signals of interest in larger data sets and align signals in time. Locate points where a signal changes abruptly or drifts beyond a target range. Label signals for analysis or machine and deep learning applications.


Signal AnalyzerVisualize and compare multiple signals and spectra
Signal LabelerLabel signal attributes, regions, and points of interest, and extract features


alle erweitern

cummaxCumulative maximum
cumminCumulative minimum
envelopeSignal envelope
maxMaximum elements of array
meanDurchschnitt oder Mittelwert eines Arrays
meanfreqMean frequency
medfreqMedian frequency
medianMedian value of array
minMinimum elements of array
movmadMoving median absolute deviation
movmedianMoving median
peak2peakMaximum-to-minimum difference
peak2rmsPeak-magnitude-to-RMS ratio
rssqRoot-sum-of-squares level
seqperiodCompute period of sequence
stdStandard deviation
alignsignalsAlign two signals by delaying earliest signal
cusumDetect small changes in mean using cumulative sum
dtwDistance between signals using dynamic time warping
edrEdit distance on real signals
findchangeptsFind abrupt changes in signal
finddelayEstimate delay(s) between signals
findpeaksFind local maxima
findsignalFind signal location using similarity search
signalFrequencyFeatureExtractorStreamline signal frequency feature extraction (Seit R2021b)
signalTimeFeatureExtractorStreamline signal time feature extraction (Seit R2021a)
zerocrossrateZero-crossing rate (Seit R2021b)
labeledSignalSetCreate labeled signal set
signalLabelDefinitionCreate signal label definition
countlabelsCount number of unique labels (Seit R2021a)
filenames2labelsGet list of labels from filenames (Seit R2022b)
folders2labelsGet list of labels from folder names (Seit R2021a)
splitlabelsFind indices to split labels according to specified proportions (Seit R2021a)
framelblPartition label sequence into frames (Seit R2024a)
framesigPartition signal into frames (Seit R2024a)
signalMaskModify and convert signal masks and extract signal regions of interest (Seit R2020b)
binmask2sigroiConvert binary mask to matrix of ROI limits (Seit R2020b)
extendsigroiExtend signal regions of interest to left and right (Seit R2020b)
extractsigroiExtract signal regions of interest (Seit R2020b)
mergesigroiMerge signal regions of interest (Seit R2020b)
removesigroiRemove signal regions of interest (Seit R2020b)
shortensigroiShorten signal regions of interest from left and right (Seit R2020b)
sigroi2binmaskConvert matrix of ROI limits to binary mask (Seit R2020b)
sigrangebinmaskLabel signal samples with values within a specified range (Seit R2023a)