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2-D and 3-D simultaneous localization and mapping

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) uses both Mapping and Localization and Pose Estimation algorithms to build a map and localize your vehicle in that map at the same time. Use lidarSLAM to tune your own SLAM algorithm that processes lidar scans and odometry pose estimates to iteratively build a map. Use buildMap to take logged and filtered data to create a map using SLAM. The SLAM Map Builder app lets you manually modify relative poses and align scans to improve the accuracy of your map.

For more information about what SLAM is and other SLAM tools in other MATLAB® toolboxes, see What is SLAM?.


SLAM Map BuilderBuild 2-D grid maps using lidar-based SLAM (Since R2019b)


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ekfSLAMPerform simultaneous localization and mapping using extended Kalman filter (Since R2021b)
lidarSLAM Perform localization and mapping using lidar scans (Since R2019b)
buildMapBuild occupancy map from lidar scans (Since R2019b)
poseGraph Create 2-D pose graph (Since R2019b)
poseGraph3D Create 3-D pose graph (Since R2019b)
poseGraphSolverOptionsSolver options for pose graph optimization (Since R2020b)
optimizePoseGraphOptimize nodes in pose graph (Since R2019b)
trimLoopClosuresOptimize pose graph and remove bad loop closures (Since R2020b)
poseplot3-D pose plot (Since R2021b)
factorGraphBipartite graph of factors and nodes (Since R2022a)
importFactorGraphImport factor graph from g2o log file (Since R2022a)
factorIMUConvert IMU readings to factor (Since R2022a)
factorGPSFactor for GPS measurement (Since R2022a)
factorTwoPoseSE2Factor relating two SE(2) poses (Since R2022a)
factorTwoPoseSE3Factor relating two SE(3) poses (Since R2022a)
factorPoseSE2AndPointXYFactor relating SE(2) position and 2-D point (Since R2022b)
factorPoseSE3AndPointXYZFactor relating SE(3) position and 3-D point (Since R2022b)
factorIMUBiasPriorPrior factor for IMU bias (Since R2022a)
factorVelocity3PriorPrior factor for 3-D velocity (Since R2022a)
factorPoseSE3PriorFull-state prior factor for SE(3) pose (Since R2022a)
factorCameraSE3AndPointXYZFactor relating SE(3) camera pose and 3-D point (Since R2023a)
estimateGravityRotationEstimate gravity rotation using IMU measurements and factor graph optimization (Since R2023a)
estimateGravityRotationAndPoseScaleEstimate gravity rotation and pose scale using IMU measurements and factor graph optimization (Since R2023a)
estimateCameraIMUTransformEstimate transformation from camera to IMU sensor using calibration data (Since R2024a)