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Factor relating two SE(3) poses


The factorTwoPoseSE3 object relates two poses in the SE(3) state space for a factorGraph object.




F = factorTwoPoseSE3(nodeID) creates a factorTwoPoseSE3 object, F, with the node identification numbers property, NodeID, set to nodeID.

F = factorTwoPoseSE3(nodeID,Name=Value) specifies properties using one or more name-value arguments. For example, factorTwoPoseSE3([1,2],Measurement=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7]) sets the Measurement property of the factorTwoPoseSE3 object to [1,2,3,4,5,6,7].


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This property is read-only.

Node ID numbers that this factor connects to in the factor graph, specified as a two-element row vector of integers.

You must specify this property at object creation.

Measured relative pose, specified as a seven-element row vector of the form [dx dy dz dqw dqx dqy dqz]. dx, dy, and dz are the change in position in x, y, and z respectively. dqw, dqx, dqy, and dqz are the change in quaternion rotation in w, x, y, and z respectively.

Information matrix associated with the measurement, specified as a 6-by-6 matrix.

Object Functions

nodeTypeGet node type of node in factor graph


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Create a two pose SE(3) state space factor with the connected node IDs set to 1 and 2.

f = factorTwoPoseSE3([1 2]);

Create a default factor graph and add the factor to the graph using the addFactor function.

g = factorGraph;

Version History

Introduced in R2022a