Toolbox for thermodynamic calclations and thermodynamic systems simulations in MATLAB and Simulink


  • Tools based on the fundamental principles of engineering thermodynamics
  • Thermodynamic state and state change calculations including real gas modeling
  • Component blocks including heat exchangers, reactors, pumps, turbines, and valves
  • Equilibrium and reaction chemistry
  • Customizable and extendable thermophysical database and IAPWS-IF97 water and steam properties
  • MATLAB command-line functions for thermodynamic calculations and plots


Thermolib is a toolbox used to model and simulate thermodynamic systems across a wide range of industries. The toolbox provides a Simulink® blockset for system simulations and a set of MATLAB® command-line functions for thermodynamic calculations.

Thermolib contains a comprehensive set of thermodynamic and thermochemical blocks that seamlessly integrate into the MATLAB and Simulink environment. Fundamental thermodynamic building blocks facilitate the design of user-defined components. The thermophysical database, derived from the JANAF tables, includes a multitude of commonly used species (H2O, CO, CO2, H2, N2, CH4, C2H6, C3H8, i-C8H18, NH3, R12, R134a, R125, R32, R1234yf, R407c, etc.) and can be easily extended by the user. 

Thermolib can calculate real gas behavior based on the Peng-Robinson EOS. This approach provides good accuracy near the critical point and near condensation. For even more detailed calculations involving water and steam, the IAPWS-IF97 formulation of thermodynamic properties is available. 

An extensive set of demos covering combustion processes, heat pumps and refrigeration cycles, fuel cells, gas turbines, battery thermal management, and other important BoP components helps users get a jump start. 

Thermolib is compatible with Simulink Coder™ for automatic code generation.

Thermolib Student Version is also available for students who need to model and simulate thermodynamic systems.


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