Analyze model sensitivity and tune model parameters

Simulink Design Optimization™ provides functions, interactive tools, and blocks for analyzing and tuning model parameters. You can determine the model’s sensitivity, fit the model to test data, and tune it to meet requirements. Using techniques like Monte Carlo simulation and Design of Experiments, you can explore your design space and calculate parameter influence on model behavior.

Simulink Design Optimization helps you increase model accuracy. You can preprocess test data, automatically estimate model parameters such as friction and aerodynamic coefficients, and validate the estimation results.

To improve system design characteristics such as response time, bandwidth, and energy consumption, you can jointly optimize physical plant parameters and algorithmic or controller gains. These parameters can be tuned to meet time-domain and frequency-domain requirements, such as overshoot and phase margin, and custom requirements.


Estimation of Model Parameters from Test Data

Configure, manipulate, and run parameter estimations.

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Optimization of Simulink Model Responses

Tune Simulink model parameters to meet time-domain requirements, frequency-domain requirements, or both simultaneously.

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Design Exploration and Sensitivity Analysis of Simulink Models

Analyze and explore your model’s design space using techniques such as Monte Carlo simulations and design of experiments.

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Simulink Design Optimization requires: Simulink , MATLAB , Optimization Toolbox

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Analyze how your model's behavior responds to changes in parameters using the Sensitivity Analysis tool in Simulink Design Optimization. Use this information to improve reliability, minimize failure, and increase robustness.

Optimization of Simulink Model Parameters