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Single-Rate Filters

FIR, IIR, overlap-add FIR, biquad, lattice, Farrow

Design and implement FIR and IIR single-rate filters using the various functions, System objects, and blocks in DSP System Toolbox™. These features enable you to filter a streaming signal in MATLAB® and Simulink®.


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dsp.AnalyticSignalAnalytic signals of discrete-time inputs
dsp.DifferentiatorDirect form FIR fullband differentiator filter
dsp.FIRFilterStatic or time-varying FIR filter
dsp.HampelFilterFilter outliers using Hampel identifier
dsp.HighpassFilterFIR or IIR highpass filter
dsp.LowpassFilterFIR or IIR lowpass filter
dsp.MedianFilterMedian filter
dsp.VariableBandwidthFIRFilterVariable bandwidth FIR filter
dsp.FrequencyDomainFIRFilterFilter input signal in frequency domain
dsp.AllpassFilterSingle section or cascaded allpass filter
dsp.AllpoleFilterIIR Filter with no zeros
dsp.CoupledAllpassFilterCoupled allpass IIR filter
dsp.FourthOrderSectionFilterImplement cascade of fourth-order section filter
dsp.HighpassFilterFIR or IIR highpass filter
dsp.IIRFilterInfinite impulse response (IIR) filter
dsp.LowpassFilterFIR or IIR lowpass filter
dsp.NotchPeakFilterSecond-order tunable notching and peaking IIR filter
dsp.SOSFilterImplement cascade of second order section filters (Seit R2020a)
dsp.VariableBandwidthIIRFilterVariable bandwidth IIR filter


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designLowpassFIRDesign and implement lowpass FIR filter (Seit R2023b)
designHighpassFIRDesign and implement highpass FIR filter (Seit R2023b)
designBandpassFIRDesign and implement bandpass FIR filter (Seit R2023b)
designBandstopFIRDesign and implement bandstop FIR filter (Seit R2023b)
designHalfbandFIRDesign and implement halfband FIR filter (Seit R2023b)
designLowpassIIRDesign and implement lowpass IIR filter (Seit R2023b)
designHighpassIIRDesign and implement highpass IIR filter (Seit R2023b)
designBandpassIIRDesign and implement bandpass IIR filter (Seit R2023b)
designBandstopIIRDesign and implement bandstop IIR filter (Seit R2023b)
designHalfbandIIRDesign and implement halfband IIR filter in the form of a coupled allpass filter (Seit R2023b)
designNotchPeakIIRDesign and implement high-order Butterworth notch or peak IIR filter (Seit R2023b)


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Analytic SignalCompute analytic signals of discrete-time inputs
Differentiator FilterDirect form FIR fullband differentiator filter
Discrete FilterModel Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters
Discrete FIR FilterModel FIR filters
Frequency-Domain FIR FilterFilter input signal in the frequency domain
Hampel FilterFilter outliers using Hampel identifier
Highpass FilterDesign FIR or IIR highpass filter
Lowpass FilterDesign FIR or IIR lowpass filter
Median FilterMedian filter
Variable Bandwidth FIR FilterDesign tunable bandwidth FIR filter
Allpass FilterSingle-section or multiple-section allpass filter
Allpole FilterModel allpole filters
Biquad FilterModel biquadratic IIR (SOS) filters
Fourth-Order Section FilterImplement cascade of fourth-order section filters (Seit R2022a)
Notch-Peak FilterDesign second-order tunable notching and peaking IIR filter
Second-Order Section FilterImplement cascade of second-order section filters (Seit R2023b)
Variable Bandwidth IIR FilterDesign tunable bandwidth IIR filter