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Vehicle and Environment Modeling


  • MathWorks tools provide a single environment to model the many components and physical domains that make up a vehicle, such as the motors, batteries, dynamics, and external disturbance effects. These models provide the engineer a system-level understanding of how the vehicle will perform through simulation. The models enable control design development. There are three main methods for obtaining a model; data-driven modeling, first-principles modelin,g and combination of both.

  • Data-Driven Modeling

    • Using the System Identification Toolbox, engineers can create a data-driven model of a vehicle using measured input-output data. This is particularly useful when the model is difficult to describe by first principles.

  • First Principles Modeling

    • Utilizing MathWorks physical modeling tools, engineers can access component libraries to quickly develop vehicle architecture models. CAD Import can be used to import a CAD into SimMechanics. Engineers creating models for flight vehicles have the option of using DATCOM functionality in the Aerospace Toolbox to model their vehicle.

  • Data-Driven and First-Principles Modeling

    • Higher fidelity component models can be developed to provide a better plant model for controller design for closed looped simulation. The Simulink Design Optimization toolbox can be used estimate and tune model parameters using input-output data and numerical optimization.

Modeling Tools for Vehicle Modeling and Simulation


  • Combination of Data-Driven and First Principles Modeling


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