Take full advantage of MATLAB for neuroscience with tutorials, toolboxes, third-party products, and other resources

Neural Data Science

Use MATLAB to author and run analysis code for neuroscience data

This Live Editor overview shows how you can explore data quickly by working in a single environment, and it outlines how to create rich executable interactive notebooks that tell a data story.


Use MATLAB tools to explore and analyze neural time-series data

This example shows how to use wavelet coherence to look for time-localized coherent oscillatory behavior. It uses two NIRS time series from a pair of interacting subjects.

Neuroimaging and Microscopy

Use MATLAB tools to visualize and analyze structural and functional image datasets

This example loads an MRI study of the human head and explores the data using the visualization capabilities of the Volume Viewer.

Experiment Control

Use MATLAB and Simulink to run neuroscience experiments

This article illustrates how Data Acquisition Toolbox, community toolboxes, and third-party products were used to automate a complex experiment.