Software for consistent and effective automation of the entire automotive test environment


  • Automation of distributed test environments
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Generic test case description can be reused in multiple test environments
  • Interface to test management systems
  • Supports a broad range of test tools and test environments (MiL, SiL, PiL, HiL, and vehicle)
  • Test generation and remote control via numerous APIs


With ecu.test you can intuitively create test cases for automotive software in every development phase. This software allows for a consistent and effective automation of the entire test environment. It executes regression tests which are essential for validating complex technical products such as model-based software and embedded systems. It further supports standardized access to a broad range of tools and provides an extensive automation of distributed test environments.

ecu.test provides access to Simulink®, Speedgoat Real-Time Target Machines, and many more. The integrated client/server solution enables the user to access interfaces and software tools on several test bench PCs within a crosslinked test environment. The user-friendly graphical interface allows for efficient testing of Simulink models and Real-Time™ targets as well as ECU hardware and software with a minimal effort in training. Test cases can be parameterized and structured with the help of projects. Due to a generic test description, the created test cases are as independent as possible of specific hardware and software in test environments and are therefore reusable to a great extent.

ecu.test supports a wide range of model access such as reading, writing, capturing, and stimulating signals and parameters. These model values can be used as test values of generic reactive test cases. Simulink models can be used as is, without manual adjustment. Model values from any model hierarchy level can be used. If necessary, instrumentations for writing and continuous stimulation access are inserted automatically. Speedgoat real-time target computers can be accessed using Simulink Real-Time Raw Ethernet communication. Integrated tool connections to Simulink, Speedgoat Real-Time Target Machines, and many more, allow reuse of existing test cases. ecu.test provides a sequencer for execution of test suites, and test campaign test executions can easily be scheduled by a continuous integration environment. ecu.test generates intuitive test reports for evaluation and documentation.


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