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A set of low-level functions and tutorials for analyzing and displaying Earth science data.

Easy to use, GUI based tool to analyze, validate, postprocess, visualize and simulate (micro) PIV data. Optional parallel computing.


Version 2020.0

by Arnaud Delorme

A toolbox for processing electrophysiological data


Version 6.2

by Geza Toth

MATLAB package for quantum information science and quantum mechanics.

Generate unstructured meshes for general two-dimensional geometries.

Classes and functions for N-dimensional medical image processing, inspired by ITK


Version 6.1.1

by Harry Dymond

Convert numbers to engineering notation strings, or use SI-prefixes instead. Offers extensive customisation. Also works on axes tick labels.

dsPIC, PIC32, SAMx2, SAMx5 and SAMx7 support package

Finding Model is a utility that enables users to search Simulink Shipping/User-defined Models based on Block Names.

The codes of a novel astrophysics-inspired meta-heuristic optimization algorithm, namely Transit Search (TS)

Fast 2D peak finder


by Adi Natan

Find local maxima \ peak positions in noisy 2D arrays


Version 1.0.6

by Sefa Aras

Fitness-Distance Balance (FDB): A New Selection Method for Meta-Heuristic Search Algorithms

Thirty most used global optimization problems in the literature and best hybrid MHS Algorithms on Real World Optimization Problems

A new global optimization package based on a Set Membership framework.



by Federico Miretti

Solve finite horizon multi-stage deterministic decision problems using Dynamic Programming

This is the code of the Semi-Supervised Deep Rule-Based Classifier

Calculates the 3D skeleton of an arbitrary binary volume using parallel medial axis thinning.



by Olivier Lartillot

An innovative environment, on top of Matlab, for music and audio analysis

Implementation of a PSO algorithm with the same syntax as the Genetic Algorithm Toolbox.

Rbeast or BEAST is a Bayesian algorithm to detect changepoints and decompose time series into trend, seasonality, and abrupt changes.

Pink, red, blue and violet noise generation via spectral processing of a white noise.

Time-Frequency analysis via Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT).


Version 1.0.1

by Sefa Aras

A novel Stochastic Fractal Search Algorithm with Fitness-Distance Balance for Global Numerical Optimization

Restart MATLAB

Version 1.0.0

by Jeno Boka

This simple script starts a new instance of MATLAB, and closes the instance from which it was called.

Searching/Tuning/Optimizing by Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) method

Code with visualization and excercises. Camera supported

The Telegram Bot Toolbox API created for developers keen on building bots for Telegram.

This toolbox offers convolution neural networks (CNN) using k-fold cross-validation, which are simple and easy to implement.

This is the source code of the Deep Rule-Based Classifier

A simple toolbox for the creation of ensembles of classifiers and regressors.


Version 1.2

by Chad Greene

Empirical Orthogonal Functions tailored for spatiotemporal analysis, with a tutorial.

Water electrolysis modelling toolbox for UI curve parametrization

RTFS assists in building complex transmission line models for short-circuit analysis in power systems.

Set the range of radii, density, and other parameters to create a plot that draws randomly centered polygons with or without overlap.

Optimal Power Flow (OPF) Problem version 1 using metaheuristics

TPMS Designer


by Alistair Jones

TPMS Designer is a toolbox to aid in design and analysis of cellular structures

Matlab implementation of 'Image Recoloring Based on Object Color Distributions' Eurographics (short papers) 2019.

Electric and hybrid electric aircraft models for component sizing

Decoupled active and reactive power control for a three-phase inverter connected to the utility grid based on the PI controller.

dynamic FDB Selection Method: An improved version Fitness Distance Balance dfDB-MRFO: Improved Manta Ray Foraging Optimizer with dFDB

A Matlab class for EPANET water distribution simulation libraries

Learn how to create and run real-time virtual vehicles and Driver-in the-Loop simulators to safely test and validate your new designs.

A Data Envelopment Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB

This code calculates 2D/3D specific surface of porous media using 2D images

These files present learning and error reduction with the SDRE controller augmented by an iterative learning control approach.

Método da Bisseção; Método de Newton-Raphson; Método da Secante; Eliminação Gaussiana; Decomposição LU.

Estimation whether a given signal is wide-sense stationarity using a novel method.

A simple yet general purpose FVM solver for transient convection diffusion PDE

Calculate the network graph of a 3D voxel skeleton.

Generates 2D data for clustering.


Version 3.0.1

by Kevin R Coffey

DeepSqueak v3: Using Machine Vision to Accelerate Bioacoustics Research


Version 2.2

by Nils B

This Toolbox converts the header of matlab code files into HTML documents and adds those to the matlab documentation.

Compute the statistics, pdf, cdf, inverse cdf and random numbers of the generalized chi-square distribution.


Version 1.0.0

by Kohei Yatabe

A simple and user-friendly tool for computing STFT/DGT

A hybrid metaheuristic optimization algorithm that combines strong points of FA and PSO


Version 1.0.1

by Yui Chun Leung

MATLAB implementations of Generative Adversarial Networks -- from GAN to Pixel2Pixel, CycleGAN

A bearable and vectorized implementation of Sample Entropy (SampEn).

Peak fitting GUI for Diffraction Data




Corrects perspective in an image.

2D-AL-DIC(Augmented Lagrangian DIC) is a fast, parallel-computing DIC algorithm which also considers global kinematic compatibility.

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