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Spline Construction

Create splines including B-form, tensor-product, NURBs, and other rational splines

Using the Curve Fitter app or the fit function, you can fit cubic spline interpolants, smoothing splines, and thin-plate splines. Other Curve Fitting Toolbox™ functions allow more specialized control over spline construction. For example, you can use the function csapi for cubic spline interpolation. For more information, see How to Construct Splines.


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bsplinePlot B-spline and its polynomial pieces
csapeCubic spline interpolation with end conditions
csapiCubic spline interpolation
cscvn“Natural” or periodic interpolating cubic spline curve
rscvnPiecewise biarc Hermite interpolation
spapiSpline interpolation
tpapsThin-plate smoothing spline
csapsCubic smoothing spline
spapsSmoothing spline
spcrvSpline curve by uniform subdivision
tpapsThin-plate smoothing spline
spap2Least-squares spline approximation
ppmakPut together spline in ppform
rpmakPut together rational spline
rsmakPut together rational spline for standard geometric shapes
spmakPut together spline in B-form
stmakPut together function in stform
titaniumTitanium test data
frankeFranke's bivariate test function
bspliguiExperiment with B-spline as function of its knots
getcurveInteractive creation of cubic spline curve
splinetoolExperiment with some spline approximation methods
sptermsExplain spline terms


Introduction to Splines

Fundamental Spline Methods

Fitting Splines to Data

  • Cubic Spline Interpolation
    This example shows how to use the csapi and csape commands from Curve Fitting Toolbox™ to construct cubic spline interpolants.
  • Cubic Smoothing Splines
    This example shows how to use the csaps and spaps commands from Curve Fitting Toolbox™ to construct cubic smoothing splines.
  • Fitting a Spline to Titanium Test Data
    This example shows how to use commands from Curve Fitting Toolbox™ to fit a spline to titanium test data with manual and automatic selection of knots.

Spline Applications