Research with MATLAB and Simulink

Perform research, collaborate, and publish with MATLAB and Simulink across a wide range of areas.

Access the Tools You Need When and Where You Need Them

Run the latest versions of MATLAB and Simulink. Share and collaborate using cloud-based storage. Generate code, access apps, and integrate MATLAB with several online platforms.

Find Resources for Your Application

Add deep learning to your research with just a few lines of MATLAB code.

Deploy ROS nodes generated with MATLAB and Simulink to existing ROS networks.

Optimize research in wireless and 6G applications using deep learning.

Collaborate with Other Researchers

Use MATLAB and Simulink on joint projects, on data and compute portals, and in partnership with MathWorks.

Share Your Research

Contribute to the broader scientific community by building standalone applications, sharing code, and inspiring others.

Integrate MATLAB code and Simulink models with other languages, such as C/C++ and Python.

Publish your code on File Exchange and GitHub.

Discover how you can engage in open science with MATLAB (3:33).

Learn How Researchers Worldwide Are Using MATLAB and Simulink

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