What’s New in MATLAB


  • The Live Editor – create scripts that not only capture your code, they tell a story you can share with others. 
  • App Designer – create professional apps, without having to be a professional software developer.
  • Data analysis – don’t spend all your time preparing your data for analysis.  See the new tools and functions in MATLAB for importing, cleaning, filtering, and grouping your data, and start analyzing it more quickly.
  • Big data –  there's no need to learn big data programming; tall arrays in MATLAB let you use the same code and syntax you're already used to, even if your datasets don’t fit in memory.
  • Performance – the redesigned MATLAB execution engine runs your code almost twice as fast as it did just two years ago.  And there’s no need to change a single line of your code.

Product Focus

Recorded: 30 May 2019