Resources for Using MATLAB and Simulink in the Cloud

Interactive Design and Development

Hosted by MathWorks

Access MATLAB in your web browser without needing to install or configure software locally.

Connect to MATLAB from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Hosted on Your Infrastructure

Host MATLAB Online on your infrastructure, on-premises, or in the cloud.

Hosted on Public Clouds

Run MATLAB in a virtual machine deployed on AWS or Azure.

AWS Azure
MATLAB on AWS (Linux) MATLAB on Azure (Linux)
MATLAB on AWS (Windows) MATLAB on Azure (Windows)

Online Platform Integrations

Integrate MATLAB with online platforms used within your organization.

Connect to Data and Scale Using Cloud Compute

Connect to Data

Connect your MATLAB code to a variety of cloud services for databases, big data, and other cloud utilities.

Scale Using Public Cloud Resources

Develop and scale using compute resources from AWS or Azure.

To set up and manage cloud resources for MATLAB and MATLAB Parallel Server on AWS:

Scale Using Hosting Providers

Run MATLAB and MATLAB Parallel Server on third-party infrastructure.

Integrate MATLAB into Automated Test Environments

Cloud Hosted CI Services

Run MATLAB in a cloud hosted CI service for your GitHub projects.

Learn more about using MATLAB with other CI platforms like Jenkins.


Use MATLAB in containers to have the software packages that you need in a reproducible manner for workflows like CI/CD.

Products Container
MATLAB MATLAB Container on DockerHub
MATLAB and add-on products for deep learning MATLAB Deep Learning Container on DockerHub
MATLAB, Simulink, and add-on products MATLAB Dockerfile

Operationalize and Deploy to Production Cloud Environments

Operationalize and deploy your apps, algorithms, and models to production cloud environments.

Use MATLAB Production Server in a Kubernetes cluster environment: