Model and analyze financial and economic systems using statistical methods

Econometrics Toolbox™ provides functions for modeling economic data. You can select and estimate economic models for simulation and forecasting. For time series modeling and analysis, the toolbox includes univariate Bayesian linear regression, univariate ARIMAX/GARCH composite models with several GARCH variants, multivariate VARX models, and cointegration analysis. It also provides methods for modeling economic systems using state-space models and for estimating using the Kalman filter. You can use a variety of diagnostics for model selection, including hypothesis tests, unit root, stationarity, and structural change.

Finanz-Risikomanagement: Verbesserung der Modell-Governance mit MATLAB


Time Series Modeling

Identify and test univariate and multivariate time series models for financial and econometric data.

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Model Identification and Analysis

Select and test models by specifying a model structure, identifying the model order, estimating parameters, and evaluating residuals.

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Bayesian Linear Regression

Estimate and forecast linear time series models using Bayesian inference.

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State-Space Modeling

Create state-space models and tools for estimating parameters based on these and other model types.

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Monte Carlo Simulation

Perform Monte Carlo simulations to generate forecast distributions of both single and multiple time series models.

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Forecast market trends to make budgeting, planning, investing, and policy decisions.

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Cointegration Modeling

Use Engle-Granger and Johansen methods for cointegration testing and modeling.

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Volatility Modeling

Build on time varying volatility models.

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