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Digital Filter Analysis

Magnitude, phase, impulse, and step responses, phase and group delays, pole-zero analysis

Analyze frequency- and time-domain responses of filters. Visualize filter poles and zeros in the complex plane.


Filter AnalyzerView, analyze, and compare filters (Seit R2024a)
Filter DesignerDesign filters starting with algorithm selection


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absAbsoluter Wert und komplexer Betrag
freqzFrequency response of digital filter
grpdelayAverage filter delay (group delay)
phasedelayPhase delay of digital filter
phasezPhase response of digital filter
unwrapShift phase angles
zerophaseZero-phase response of digital filter
zplaneZero-pole plot for discrete-time systems
impzImpulse response of digital filter
impzlengthImpulse response length
stepzStep response of digital filter
filterAnalyzerAnalyze filters with the Filter Analyzer app (Seit R2024a)
filtordFilter order
filternorm 2-norm or infinity-norm of digital filter
firtypeType of linear phase FIR filter
isallpassDetermine whether filter is allpass
isfirDetermine if digital filter has finite impulse response
islinphaseDetermine whether filter has linear phase
ismaxphaseDetermine whether filter is maximum phase
isminphaseDetermine whether filter is minimum phase
isstableDetermine whether filter is stable