Update occupancy probability at locations


updateOccupancy(map3D,xyz,obs) probabilistically integrates the observation values, obs, to each specified xyz coordinate in the occupancyMap3D object, map3D.

Input Arguments

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3-D occupancy map, specified as an occupancyMap3D object.

World coordinates, specified as an n-by-3 matrix of [x y z] points, where n is the number of world coordinates.

Probability observation values, specified as a numeric or logical scalar, or as an n-by-1 column vector with the same size as xyz.

obs values can be from 0 to 1, but if obs is a logical array, the function uses the default observation values of 0.7 (true) and 0.4 (false). If obs is a numeric or logical scalar, the value is applied to all coordinates in xyz.

Introduced in R2019b