Measurements and Spatial Audio

Acoustics, impulse responses, ambisonics, HRTF, SPL metering

Audio Toolbox™ enables you to measure acoustics, encode and decode ambisonics, interpolate head-related transfer functions (HRTF) and return industry-standard audio measurements.


Impulse Response MeasurerMeasure impulse response of audio system


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octaveFilterOctave-band and fractional octave-band filter
octaveFilterBankOctave and fractional-octave filter bank
weightingFilterFrequency-weighted filter
interpolateHRTF3-D head-related transfer function (HRTF) interpolation
impzestEstimate impulse response of audio system
mlsMaximum length sequence
sweeptoneExponential swept sine
loudnessMeterStandard-compliant loudness measurements
integratedLoudnessMeasure integrated loudness and loudness range
splMeterMeasure sound pressure level of audio signal


Loudness MeterStandard-compliant loudness measurements
Weighting Filter Weighted frequency response filter
Octave FilterOctave-band and fractional octave-band filter


Impulse Response Measurer Walkthrough

Capture and analyze impulse response (IR) measurements by using the Impulse Response Measurer.

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