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Simulation, Tuning, and Visualization

Real-time prototyping and tuning, MIDI, audio test bench

Audio Toolbox™ enables real-time prototyping and tuning using MIDI devices and the Audio Test Bench. Modularize your algorithm as an audio plugin for code reuse and to access prototyping and testing tools. See Audio Plugins in MATLAB for more information.

Use the configureMIDI user interface to quickly synchronize an audio plugin with a MIDI device. Follow the Audio Test Bench Walkthrough to learn about the all-in-one graphical debugging and testing suite.


Audio Test BenchDebug, test, and tune audio plugin


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getMIDIConnectionsGet MIDI connections of audio object
configureMIDIConfigure MIDI connections between audio object and MIDI controller
disconnectMIDIDisconnect MIDI controls from audio object
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
timescopeDisplay time-domain signals
dsp.ArrayPlotDisplay vectors or arrays
parameterTunerTune object parameters while streaming
showaudioblockdatatypetableSimulink block data type support table


MIDI ControlsOutput values from controls on MIDI control surface
Spectrum AnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum
Time ScopeDisplay and analyze signals generated during simulation and log signal data to MATLAB
Array PlotDisplay vectors or arrays


Audio Test Bench Walkthrough

Debug, visualize, and configure I/O for audio plugins by using the Audio Test Bench.

Real-Time Parameter Tuning

Create a user interface to tune parameters in an audio stream loop.

MIDI Control for Audio Plugins

Use MIDI functions to efficiently tune audio plugin parameters in MATLAB®.

Measure Performance of Streaming Real-Time Audio Algorithms

This example presents a utility that can be used to analyze the timing performance of signal processing algorithms designed for real-time streaming applications.

Desktop Real-Time Audio Acceleration with MATLAB Coder

Accelerate a real-time audio application using C code generation with MATLAB Coder™.

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