How Much Do You Know About Deep Learning?

Deep Learning Quiz

You hear a lot about deep learning these days. But how does it actually work?

Take the quiz—just 10 questions—to see how much you know about deep learning!

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What kind of table compares classifications predicted by a model with the actual class labels?

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What does hyperparameter tuning do?

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What is overfitting?

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Which of the following is a type of object detection task in which each pixel of an image can be categorized into specific classes?

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What does a regression model do?

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What category of machine learning finds patterns in the data when the data is not labeled?

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Which of the following networks is commonly associated with synthetic image generation?

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Which of the following describes the process of taking a pretrained neural network and retraining it to classify a new set of images?

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Which of the following is a deep learning architecture commonly used to classify time series data?

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What is a validation data set used for?

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