Chapter 6: conclusion

Chapter 6


MATLAB and Simulink are development and verification platforms that can be used for autonomous mobile robot systems, and related products can be used to accelerate the development of associated complex systems. Together, these MathWorks products enable you to:

  • Manage multi-disciplinary technology on a single platform
  • Flexibly describe complex sensor and actuator processing 
  • Parallelize high-resolution, multidimensional sensor processing with multi-core CPUs and GPUs
  • Design, simulate and deploy algorithms for perception, path planning, and control. 

Simulink enables multi-domain simulation and provides a rich library that contains the fundamental technologies required to navigate autonomous mobile robots safely. Simulink can significantly reduce the development time necessary to implement each algorithm—from perception to motion—in the same simulation environment. Simulink also provides code generation capabilities to let you deploy the algorithms directly on external targets, reducing the time spent rewriting and debugging the code. MATLAB and Simulink strongly support engineers and researchers in the development of autonomous mobile robots.