Pragmatic Digital Transformation
Jim Tung, MathWorks

Reservoir Modeling Using MATLAB - The MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST)
Knut-Andreas Lie, SINTEF Digital
Olav Møyner, SINTEF Digital

Detecting P- and S-wave Arrivals with Deep Learning Models
David Kirschner, Royal Dutch Shell, Houston

Enhance the Power of an Interpretation System using MATLAB
Ellen Bonshor-Mayes, ARK CLS Ltd.

Exploring Digital Stratigraphy using Computational Stratigraphy Explorer (CSE)
Brett Hern, Chevron
Brian Willis, Chevron
Mike Li, Chevron Tao Sun, Chevron

Wavelets – A hidden gem for Artificial Intelligence in seismic interpretation
Akhilesh Mishra, MathWorks

Seismic Dip Guided Horizon Interpretation in Petrel® with MATLAB
Brett Hern, Chevron
Barton Payne, Chevronbr> Anne Dutranois Coumont, Chevron

A Stand-Alone Open-Source MATLAB Program for Sequence Stratigraphic and Chronostratigraphic Analysis of Geological Data
Dr. Adewale Amosu, Texas A&M University and San Jacinto College
Dr. Yuefeng Sun, Texas A&M University

Content based image retrieval (CBIR) using deep neural networks
Christopher Thiele, Shell International E&P, Inc.
Nishank Saxena, Shell International E&P, Inc.
Detlef Hohl, Shell International E&P, Inc.

Borehole Acoustic Wavefield Modeling with a “Cluster-in-a-Box”
Kristoffer Walker, Chevron

Seismic full waveform inversion algorithms and their numerical behaviour
Kristopher Innanen, University of Calgary

Microseismic Digitalization at the Quest CCS Facility
Stephen Harvey, Shell Canada

Model-Based Design for Drilling Systems Development: Practical perspectives from other industries on Model-Based Design
Sameer Prabhu, MathWorks

Lessons in applying Model-Based Design for systems and controls engineering in alternative energy startup environment
Igor Braverman, Boston Metal

MathWorks and NI Interoperability
Joel Van Sickel, MathWorks

Drilling optimization for oil and gas wells
Peter Brady, MathWorks Australia

Science-ing up deep earth drill bit design with MATLAB Production Server
Christopher Bremer, NOV ReedHycalog

Changing the way you use Simulink - What's new with Simulink
Ed Marquez Brunal, MathWorks

How to Build an Autonomous Anything
Michelle Hirsch, MathWorkse

The Design of the Attitude and Orbit Control System of ESA's Solar Orbiter Satellite
Colin Maule and Andrew Pollard, Tessella

Academia Meets Industry – Hyperloop: Creating the Global Village
Mars Geuze, Hardt (Delft Hyperloop)

Simulink as Enterprise Simulation Platform
Stephan van Beek, MathWorks

What's New from MathWorks
Paul Lambrechts and Paola Jaramillo, MathWorks

Model-Based Design as an Enabler for Supply Chain Collaboration
Richard Mijnheer, 3T

Motor Controls Implementation on Systems-on-Chip
Jorik Caljouw, MathWorks

Verification Techniques for Models and Code
Paul Lambrechts, MathWorks

Analyzing Building Acoustics and Vibrations: Solving Sound Leakages at the Tivoli-Vredenburg Concert Hall
Arnold Koopman and Sven Lentzen, Level.Tools

Machine Learning Simplified
Paola Jaramillo, MathWorks

MATLAB Analytics in Enterprise Applications
Ionut Barbu, MathWorks

Predicting Customer Behavior Using Big Data Analytics with MATLAB in the Cloud
Rachid el Mimouni, Head of Modelling, NLE (formerly Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij)

Architecting a New India, One Moonshot at a Time!
Anadi Mishra, TeamIndus

How to Build an Autonomous Anything
Jim Tung, MathWorks

Model-Based Development Approach: AUTOSAR + Functional Safety + Aspice
Nishant Tholiya, KPIT

What's New in MATLAB and Simulink R2017a
Prashant Rao, MathWorks

Model-Based Design Approach for Complex System Design
Prakash Bodla, United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

Automated Product Quality Inspection
Utkarsh Siddu and Prabhakaran Sengodan, Robert Bosc

Big Data and Machine Learning Using MATLAB
Seth Deland and Amit Doshi, MathWorks

Developing and Deploying Analytics for IoT Systems
Amit Doshi, MathWorks

Development of a Rule-Based Decision Support System for Connected Washing Machine to Select Appropriate Wash Program
N Prathap, IFB Industries Ltd.

Integrating MATLAB Analytics into Enterprise Applications
Pallavi Kar, MathWorks

Parallel Computing with MATLAB and Simulink
Alka Nair, MathWorks

Generating Optimized Code for Embedded Microcontroller Algorithms
Gaurav Dubey, MathWorks

Modeling Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems in Simscape
Dhirendra Singh, MathWorks

Powertrain Control Feature Development Using Model-Based Design
V.A. Ashoka Kumar, TATA Motors

Simulink as Your Enterprise Simulation Platform
Naga Pemmaraju and Prasanna Deshpande, MathWorks

Verification, Validation, and Test in Model-Based Design
Manohar Reddy, MathWorks

Designing and Implementing Real-Time Signal Processing Systems
Vidya Viswanathan, MathWorks

Developing and Prototyping Next-Generation Communications Systems
Dr. Amod Anandkumar, MathWorks

Developing Autonomous Systems with MATLAB and Simulink
Vivek Raju, MathWorks

Simplifying Image Processing and Computer Vision Application Development
Elza John, MathWorks

Spectral Imaging: Breast Density Measurement Using MATLAB Coder
Abha Ramesh Chandra, Philips Healthcare

Synthetic Aperture Radar modeling using MATLAB/Simulink
Naivedya Mishra, Uurmi Systems

Accelerating FPGA/ASIC Design and Verification
Tabrez Khan and Vidya Viswanathan, MathWorks

Automated Driving: Design and Verify Perception Systems
Mark Corless and Dr. Amod Anandkumar, MathWorks

Building Fast and Accurate Powertrain Models for System and Control Development
Prasanna Deshpande, MathWorks

Development of a Numerical Simulink Model to Predict Tail Pipe Emissions of a Vehicle with Lean NOx Trap in Real Drive Cycles
M V Harish Babu and R Padmavathi, Mahindra & Mahindra

From Simulink to AUTOSAR: Enabling AUTOSAR Code Generation with Model-Based Design
Durvesh Kulkarni, MathWorks

Leveraging Formal Methods-Based Software Verification to Prove Code Quality and Achieve MISRA Compliance
Prashant Mathapati, MathWorks

Mathematical Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Electro-Hydraulic Servo Actuators
Tanveer Ahmad, Aeronautical Development Establishment

MATLAB and LTE System Toolbox for Developing the LTE Physical Layer
T Pushpalata, CRL - Bharat Electronics Limited

Modeling and Simulating Large Phased Array Systems
Tabrez Khan, MathWorks

Academic Keynote
Jim Tung, MathWorks

Building a Course Implementation Plan
Dr. Lakshminarayan Viju Ravichandran and Anuja Apte, MathWorks

Effective Teaching Techniques Using MATLAB and Simulink, Part 1
Dr. P.S.V. Nataraj, IIT Bombay

Effective Teaching Techniques Using MATLAB and Simulink, Part 2
Dr. P.S.V. Nataraj, IIT Bombay

Effective Teaching Techniques Using MATLAB and Simulink, Part 1
Dr. Arun K. Tangirala, IIT Madras

Effective Teaching Techniques Using MATLAB and Simulink, Part 2
Dr. Arun K. Tangirala, IIT Madras

Leveraging MATLAB and Simulink for Higher Education: An Overview of MathWorks Resources for Academia
Dr. Lakshminarayan Viju Ravichandran, MathWorks

Analysis of Human Heart Using Machine Learning and 3D Visualization
Ravi M, Veramasa IT Solution

Classification of Material by Measuring Fluid-Flow Obstruction
Shobith Thomas Jacob, Jazil Nazir and Shemeena P. Abdulrazaq, NeST SFO Technologies

Data Analysis and Physical Modeling for Short Term Wind Speed Forecasting at Four Locations in Ireland
Parikshit G Jamdade, PVG’s College of Engineering & Technology

Development of an Avionics Flight Test Data Analysis Tool Using MATLAB
Mr. Avadhoot S. Chandane, HAL

Development of a Real-Time Object Tracking Algorithm for UAVs
Devshree Kumar, National Aerospace Laboratories

Detection of Diabetic Eye Diseases
Phani Kiran, Veramasa IT Solution

Dynamic Cosimulation of Start-Stop Starter Motor Solenoid Using MATLAB and Edyson
Veerakumar G, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Dynamic Stability Characteristics of HSP-CM at Mach 4
Aaron Baptista, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)

Enhanced Prediction of Interconnect Delays for FPGA Synthesis Using MATLAB
Geetesh More, Microsemi India

Functional Testing via Statistical and Behavioral Signatures for Engine Management Systems Using MATLAB and Simulink
Vijith and Cristo, Continental

Intelligent System for Battery Health Monitoring
Rohit Tiwari, Mahindra & Mahindra

Laser Spot Size Measurement Using a Webcam
Rohit S, ACRHEM, University of Hyderabad

Real-Time Vision-Based Hand Gesture Identification
Shivani Joshi, Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering

Simulation of Powertrain Control Systems Using Simulink – An Application in Exhaust After-Treatment
Venkatasubramaniyan, Praveen and Naveen, Continental

Tool for Mapping Hybrid Vehicle Data of On-Road Fleet Testing on Google Maps
Dushyant Kumbhat, Maruti Suzuki

Trouvez 1 million d’objets pour l’usine 4.0
Elie Bondu et Patricia Carr, UWINLOC

Développement de logiciels embarqués en Model-Based Design
Arnaud Leruste, Nexter Systems Véronique Lortal, SCALIAN ALYOTECH

How to Build an Autonomous Anything
Loren Dean, MathWorks

Les nouveautés MATLAB et Simulink
Rémi Bastien, Renault

Automated Driving: Design and Verify Perception Systems
Giuseppe Ridinò, MathWorks

Développement d’une application MATLAB pour le test d’une liaison de données drone
Gaston Levannier, DGA

Géolocalisation dans l'Internet des Objets
Philippe Cola, Bouygues Telecom Jocelyn Fiorina, CentraleSupélec

Intégrez vos analytiques MATLAB dans des applications d’entreprise
Aurélie Urbain, MathWorks

Parallel Computing with MATLAB and Simulink
Loren Dean, MathWorks

Le Model-Based Design pour la conception de lois de commande moteur sur processeurs, FPGAs et SoCs
Pierre Nowodzienski, MathWorks

Modeling and Model-Based Control Design and Simulation of Flexible Space Robots Using MATLAB and Simulink
Valentin Pascu, ONERA

Modélisation et simulation d’une chaine de traction électrique ferroviaire autonome
Benoit Peron et Antonio Prata, Adetel

Pratiquez la vérification et validation en toute sérénité
Mathieu Cuenant, MathWorks

Systèmes cryogéniques : quand la simulation devient incontournable
François Bonne, CEA

Déploiement embarqué et connectivité hardware avec MATLAB et Simulink
Paul Cox, MathWorks

Modélisation et simulation de systèmes de communications pour les véhicules connectés (V2X)
Cynthia Cudicini, MathWorks

Le Problem-Based Learning: Data Analytics and Machine Learning Techniques for Solving Real-World Challenges
Jasmina Lazic, MathWorks

How to Build an Autonomous Anything
Stéphane Marouani, MathWorks

Achieving Measurable Business Results Partnering with MathWorks: Practical Examples from Around the World
Branko Dijkstra, MathWorks

What’s New in MATLAB and Simulink in R2017a
Daryl Ning, MathWorks

Advancing Wildlife Research: The Development of a Solution to Process Video Footage of Waterbirds
Dr. Shannon Dundas, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Analysis of Mining Samples Using Infrared Spectroscopy and Machine Learning
John Carter, Bureau Veritas Minerals

Associating 3D Radiation Dose with Treatment Failure in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Patients
Marco Marcello, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and University of Western Australia

Automatic 3D Human Action Recognition
Ajmal Mian, The University of Western Australia

Detecting Moving Objects in Aerial Imagery Captured from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Padma Venkataramanan, The University of Canberra

Developing Servo Drive and Simulation Software Using Simulink Code Generation
Yoges Supramaniam, ANCA Motion

Introduction to MATLAB
David Willingham, MathWorks

A Machine Learning–Based Speech Processing Solution for Facilitating Early Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease
Luca Parisi, Auckland Bioengineering Institute, The University of Auckland

Modelling and Simulation of Train Systems at Sydac Pty Ltd
Duncan Ward, Sydac Pty Ltd

RoboBEER: Using MATLAB and Computer Vision to Analyse Beer Quality
Claudia Gonzalez Viejo, The University of Melbourne/p>

The Transformative Force of Robotics in Industry
Peter Corke, Queensland University of Technology

Using MATLAB and Machine Learning to Develop Respiratory Disease Diagnostic Tools
Vesa Peltonen, ResApp Health

Developing Deep Learning Algorithms Using MATLAB
David Willingham, MathWorks

From Insight to Action: Analytics from Both Sides of the Brain
Vaz Balasingham, TIBCO Software

Gaining Business Insights with MATLAB and Big Data
David Willingham, MathWorks

Integrating MATLAB Analytics into Enterprise Applications
David Willingham, MathWorks

Developing and Deploying Analytics for IoT Systems
Daryl Ning, MathWorks

Predictive Maintenance with MATLAB and Simulink
Daryl Ning, MathWorks

Simulink as Your Enterprise Simulation Platform
Daryl Ning, MathWorks

Using Computational Thinking to Foster Learning Curiosity
Bradley Horton, MathWorks

How to Build an Autonomous Anything 
Dr. Michelle Hirsch, Head of MATLAB Product Management, MathWorks

Robots and Humans in the Digital World 
Prof. Dr. Sami Haddadin, Direktor des Instituts für Regelungstechnik, Leibniz Universität Hannover
Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Zukunftspreis 2017

Plug & Work – Schnelle, professionelle Inbetriebnahme mit Hilfe von Prozess und Produktionssimulation im klassischen Anlagenbau 
Dr. Hubertus Schauerte, SMS Group

Vom Halter-Bieger zum Bit-Schubser“ - Die digitale Herausforderung eines Truck OEMs auf dem Weg zum autonomen Fahren 
Stefan Teuchert, Vice President Electric/Electronic Systems Vehicle Functions, MAN Truck & Bus

Was ist neu in MATLAB und Simulink 
Dr. Marc Segelken, Principal Application Engineer, MathWorks

Automatisierte Integration von Simulink-Modellen in Virtuelle Plattformen 
Dr. Andreas Mauderer, Bosch

Entwicklung kundenspezifischer Motorregelungen für Prozessoren, FPGAs und SoCs 
Werner Bachhuber, MathWorks

Plattformunabhängige modellbasierte Entwicklung von hochdynamischen Antriebsregelungen 
Julia Höllthaler, HS Rosenheim

Automatisiertes Fahren: Entwurf und Verifikation von Wahrnehmungssystemen
Anders Sollander, MathWorks

IRT-Buggy – eine Plattform für autonome Navigation für Forschung und Lehre 
Andreas Trzuskowsky, RWTH Aachen

Simulation von Multikopter-Systemen für die effiziente Entwicklung neuer Steuerungs- und Regelungsalgorithmen 
Jan Vervoorst, Ascending Technologies

Simulationsbasierte Entwicklung von ADAS und automatisiertem Fahren mittels Machine-Learning 
Dr. Andreas Kuhn, Andata

Automatische Klassifizierung von Knusprigkeit durch Integration von mechanischen und akustischen Sensordaten 
Solange Sanahuja, TU München

Klassifizierung von individuellem Fahrverhalten 
Julia Fumbarev, Volkswagen

Machine Learning auf Big Data – praktische Programmierkonzepte in MATLAB 
Dmytro Martynenko, MathWorks

Übersteuern eines PKW erlernen durch Machine Learning 
Tobias Freudling, BMW

Aufbau einer modularen SimulinkRealTime-HIL-Lösung und Integration in eine herstellerspezifische Architektur 
Herbert Schindele, AGCO

Speedgoat Baseline als Fahrdynamik-Steuergerät in einem Formula Student Fahrzeug 
Daniel Görner, Uni Stuttgart

Testautomatisierung - Von der Desktopsimulation zur Echtzeit mit Simulink Real-Time 
Marcus Maurer, MathWorks

Modellbasierte Entwicklung von Regelungsalgorithmen für Abkantpressen 
Dr. Martin Bruckner, Trumpf Austria

Neue Validierungsmethoden für Modelle für Netzstudien 
Hans Dürr, Senvion

Virtuelle Inbetriebnahme und Optimierung von Robotersystemen mit Simscape 
Steve Miller, MathWorks

Besser als Handcode – Automatische Generierung von hochoptimiertem C-Code mit dem Simulink und Embedded Coder 
Lars Krause, MathWorks

Embedded Rapid Prototyping für Microchip Mikrokontroller im automotive Bereich inklusive zertifizierter CAN/LIN Kommunikation 
Thorsten Waclawczyk, Microchip

ErrorSim: Ein Simulator für die Fehlerfortpflanzungsanalyse in Steuerungssystemen basierend auf Simulink 
Dr. Andrey Morozov, TU Dresden

Solar Impulse: Erste erfolgreiche Weltumrundung mit einem Solarflugzeug 
Ralph Paul, Solar Impulse

Fit für die MATLAB EXPO - Eine kurze Einführung in MATLAB 
Michael Glasser, MathWorks

Kurzvorträge zu den Beiträgen der Posterausstellung 
Autoren der Beiträge der Posterausstellung, Moderation: Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gross

Effektive Lehre mit dem MATLAB Live Editor 
Dr. Oliver Kluge, MathWorks

Mathematik auf Knopfdruck – So steigern Sie Ihre Effizienz in der Hochschullehre 
Dr. Andreas Helfrich-Schkarbanenko, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Modellbasierte Entwicklung und Wissenstransfer in die Industrie 
Prof. Dr. Arno Bergmann, HS Bochum

Systemtechnischer Flugsimulator 
Robert Doering, TU Hamburg

Automatisierung von Laborequipment mit MATLAB – eine objektorientierte Lösung 
Hauke Nannen, Siemens

Entwicklung und Deployment von IoT Analysen 
Antje Dittmer, MathWorks

NMR-Spektroskopie mithilfe von MATLAB auf dem Weg in die Routineanalytik 
Thomas Hausler, CVUA Karlsruhe

Single Sweep Analyse von BERA-Messungen mit MATLAB 
Prof. Dr. Patrick Metzler, HS Rhein Main

Designoptimierung eines Rennwagenfahrwerks 
Dr. Christoph Hahn, MathWorks

Gebäude- und Anlagensimulation mit MATLAB und Simulink am Beispiel des FFG-Projekts SalüH! 
Dr. Fabian Ochs, Uni Innsbruck

Produktion von Biopharmazeutika – Ein MATLAB-Tool zur Simulation und Optimierung von Zellvermehrungsverfahren 
Tanja Hernández Rodríguez, HS OWL

Integration des MATLAB Production Server in die Enterprise System Architektur der Helaba Invest 
Marcus Veltum, Helaba Invest

Integration von MATLAB-Anwendungen in unternehmensweite Prozesse
Dr. Harald Brunnhofer, MathWorks

Multi-Tool Testlandschaft mit DDS – MATLAB und Simulink als Enabler für Rapid Tool Prototyping 
Sebastian Bewersdorff, Assystem Germany GmbH

SILENOS - Steel Inclusion Level Evaluation by Numerical Optical Systems 
Alexey Nagaytsev, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann

Automatisches Erkennen von Sicherheitslücken mit Polyspace 
Christian Guss, MathWorks

Entwicklung von Medizinischen Algorithmen für die Kardiologie mit Hilfe Simulink und Modelbasiertes Design 
Dr. Antoun Khawaja, GS Elektromedizinische Geräte und KhawajaHealth

Entwicklung war noch nie so einfach: Model-Based Design für medizintechnische Anwendungen 
Dr. Momme Winkelnkemper, Ingenieurbüro Dr. Türck

Modellbasierte Systementwicklung für Smarte Sensoren 
Dr. Benjamin Schwabe, Infineon

R2016b와 R2017a를 중심으로한 새로운 기능
이영준 부장, 매스웍스코리아

컴퓨터 비전의 최신 기술 (Deep Learning, 3D Vision, Embedded Vision)
김종남 차장, 매스웍스코리아

빅데이터 처리 및 머신 러닝 기법
엄준상 과장, 매스웍스

MathWorks 기조연설 : How to Build an Autonomous Anything>
Jason Ghidella 이사, 매스웍스

컴퓨터 비전의 최신 기술(Deep Learning, 3D Vision, Embedded Vision)
김종남 차장, 매스웍스코리아

위상 배열 레이더를 위한 시스템 설계
Rick Gentile, 매스웍스

신호처리 어플리케이션을 위한 전처리 설계 및 특징 추출 방법
Rick Gentile, 매스웍스

5G 무선통신 시스템 설계
김종남 차장, 매스웍스코리아

딥러닝 기반 응용 프로그램 작성 기법
엄준상 과장, 매스웍스코리아

엔터프라이즈 시스템에서의 빅데이터 애널리틱 애플리케이션 구축을 위한 MATLAB 기능
성호현 차장, 매스웍스코리아

Internet of Things(IoT) 를 위한 애널리틱 개발 및 적용
성호현 차장, 매스웍스코리아

MATLAB 과 Simulink 기반 병렬 컴퓨팅 기법
정승혁 과장, 매스웍스코리아

다중 센서 기반 자율 시스템의 모델 기반 설계 및 개발
이제훈 차장, 매스웍스

Simscape를 이용한 메케니컬 설계 와 멀티도메인 시뮬레이션 통합
강효석 과장, 매스웍스코리아

고 신뢰성 시스템을 위한 모델 기반 설계에서의 검증
이영준 부장, 매스웍스코리아

Simulink와 Embedded Coder를 이용한 최적 코드 생성
김종헌 부장, 매스웍스코리아

Simscape Power Systems를 이용한 전력전자 설계 및 시뮬레이션
강효석 과장, 매스웍스코리아

Polyspace 제품군을 활용한 MISRA C:2012 가이드라인 및 실행시간 오류 검사
유용출 과장, 매스웍스코리아

Automated Driving 툴박스 소개
이제훈 차장, 매스웍스

MATLAB 라이브 에디터 소개
송완빈 대리, 매스웍스코리아

Simulink를 이용한 손쉬운 AUTOSAR 코드 구현
김종헌 부장, 매스웍스코리아

비디오 프로세싱 서브시스템의 설계 및 하드웨어 타겟팅 기법
정승혁 과장, 매스웍스코리아

How to Build an Autonomous Anything
Richard Rovner, MathWorks

Two Worlds Coincide: Financial Risk Management and Model-Based Design
Ray O'Brien, HSBC

What's New in MATLAB R2017a and R2017b
Ned Gulley, MathWorks

Audio Source Separation: "Demixing" for Production
James Clarke, Abbey Road Studios

Big Data and Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance 
Paul Peeling, MathWorks

Detection of the Security Feature in the New £1 Coin
Ellis Rhys Thomas and Sarah Rogers, The Royal Mint

MatConvNet: Deep Learning Research in MATLAB
Andrea Vedaldi, University of Oxford

Reusing and Prototyping Code to Accelerate Innovation: Smart Voice Interfaces
Gabriele Bunkheila, MathWorks

Scaling MATLAB for Your Organisation and Beyond
Rory Adams, MathWorks

Certifiable Production Code Development
David Owens, Rolls-Royce

Hardware and Software Co-Design for Motor Control Applications
GianCarlo Pacitti, MathWorks

Hardware Software Co-Design and Testing Using Simulink Real-Time
Brian Steenson and Paul Berry, Thales

How Simscape Supports Design Innovation for Cyber-Physical Systems
Rick Hyde, MathWorks

Model‐Based Design for Fuel System Development
Christopher Slack, Airbus

What's New in Simulink R2017a and R2017b
Kate Thorne, MathWorks

Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Conor Daly, MathWorks

Introduction to MATLAB
Lianne Crooks, MathWorks

Introduction to Signal Processing
Steven Thomsett, MathWorks

Introduction to Simulink and Stateflow
Jonathan Agg, MathWorks

Simulation, Prototyping, and Verification of Standards-Based Wireless Communications
Colin McGuire and Neil MacEwan, MathWorks

Team-Based Collaboration in Simulink
Sonia Bridge, MathWorks

Testing Simulink Models
Fraser Macmillen, MathWorks

Toolbox Development
Amy Koh and David Sampson, MathWorks

Loren Shure,MathWorks 总部



从创意到实现:IoT 时代的智能系统
(MathWorks, ARM 和 松山湖国际机器人研究院联合演讲)

陈建平, MathWorks中国




Loren Shure,MathWorks总部

合作伙伴Xilinx 的演讲(上海/北京):用FPGA加速机器学习应用

王峥, MathWorks 总部




合作伙伴 NXP 的演讲(上海和北京):恩智浦的基于MATLAB/Simulink 模型的电机控制工具箱
王轶, NXP



使用Simulink和Embedded Coder生成高度优化的C代码

吴菁, MathWorks中国

合作伙伴 Beckhoff 的演讲 (上海和北京):用于MATLAB/Simulink模型部属的通用自动化平台

Drive On: Where are the Flying Automobiles?
Tom Beckley, Cadence

How to Build an Autonomous Anything
Mary Ann Freeman, MathWorks

Ultra-Low Power Model-Based ASIC Design for Implantable Medical Products Using HDL Coder
Dean Andersen, Abbott

Building a Better Battery with Machine Learning 
Austin Sendek, Stanford University

Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning for Improving the Safety of Outer-Space Travel
Amber Yang, Stanford University

Integrating MATLAB Analytics into Enterprise Applications 
Jim Stewart, MathWorks

Master Class: Advanced Programming Techniques in MATLAB
Mike Agostini, MathWorks

Parallel Computing with MATLAB and Simulink
Isaac Noh, MathWorks

Predictive Maintenance with MATLAB and Simulink
Mehernaz Savai, MathWorks

5G, WLAN, and LTE Wireless Design with MATLAB
Marc Barberis, MathWorks

Computer Vision System Design
Abhijit Bhattacharjee, MathWorks

Deep Learning: Transforming Engineering and Science
Avinash Nehemiah, MathWorks
Amit Goel, NVIDIA

External Cleanup PLL Closed-Loop Stability Analysis and Phase Noise Consideration
Don Pakbaz, Global Foundries

Ultra-Low Power Model-Based ASIC Design for Implantable Medical Products Using HDL Coder
Dean Andersen, Abbott

Uncovering Hidden Data in Audio to Create Automation Solutions for Video
Wayne Lappi, Cyber Resonance Corporation

Vision-Guided Self-Localization for Autonomous Cars
Veera Ganesh Yalla, NIO

Design a Pick and Place Robotics Application Using MATLAB and Simulink
Carlos Santacruz-Rosero, MathWorks

Employing Simscape to Model Electro-Mechanical Systems in Simulink
Terry Denery, MathWorks

Master Class: Speeding Up Simulink Applications
Murali Yeddanapudi, MathWorks

Targeting Motor Control Algorithms to System-on-Chip Devices
Eric Cigan, MathWorks

Verification and Validation of an Autonomous Quadcopter System
Jeremy Ross, MathWorks

Achieving Certification for Safety Critical Systems
John Russell, BAE Systems Electronics Systems (UK)

Keynote: Dr. Steven F. Butler
Dir. Engineering & Technical Management, HQ AFMC, Wright-Patterson AFB

MathWorks Today
Lisa Kempler & Paul Barnard, MathWorks

Rapid Deployment of Aerospace Flight Controls
Edward Burnett, Lockheed Martin, SkunkWorks

First Civilian Tiltrotor Takes Flight
David King, Bell Helicopter

Tuning Multi-Loop Compensators to Meet Time and Frequency Domain Requirement
John Glass, MathWorks

Modeling a Naval Electrical Power Generation and Propulsion System
Paul Norton, UK Ministry of Defense

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of an Aircraft Brake System
Alan Johnson, Cessna Aircraft Company

Modeling Multidomain Physical Systems in Simulink
Terry Denery, MathWorks

An FPGA-based Airborne Image Processing Application Using MDE Techniques
Edward Power, SELEX

Displaying Aircraft in MATLAB Only Flight Simulators Using Virtual Reality
Edward Mayhew, Syracuse Research Corporation

Designs of Real-Time Video Processing Systems in Simulink
Bruce Tannenbaum, MathWorks

F-35 JSF Collaborative Software Development
John Robb, Senior Manager of Air Vehicle Software, Lockheed Martin

Using MathWorks Tools to Generate Code for DO-178B Applications
Bill Potter, MathWorks

MATLAB, Simulink, and Cantera for Aerospace Thermodynamic System Modeling
Joshua Freeh, NASA Glenn Research Center

Implementing a GPS Receiver with DSP and FPGA Hardware Using the Simulink and Related Tools
Mike Donovan, MathWorks

A MATLAB Tool for Study of Propagation Maps in MANETS
Scott Rosen, The MITRE Corporation

Communication Range Analysis Using Interactive MATLAB Application Program
John Conneely, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Communication System Design with SDR
Mike McLernon, MathWorks

Modeling Complex Systems Using SimEvents
Giovanni Mancini, MathWorks

Interactive On-Demand Parallel Computing
Albert Reuther, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Distributed Computing with MATLAB and Simulink
Narfi Stefansson, MathWorks

Industry at a Crossroads
John Douglass, Aerospace Industries Association

MathWorks Today Technical Computing and Model-Based Design
Paul Barnard, MathWorks

Distributed Computing in the Engineering Workflow
Loren Dean, MathWorks

Best Practices for Establishing a Culture of Model-Based Design
Paul Smith, MathWorks

Productive Programming with MATLAB
Loren Shure, MathWorks

Target Tracking Visualization Tool
Edward J. Mayhew, Jr., Quadelta Incorporated

Moving MATLAB Algorithms into Complete Designs with Fixed-Point Simulation and Code Generation
Houman Zarrinkoub, Ph.D., MathWorks

A User's Experience with Simulink and Stateflow for Real-Time Embedded Applications
James E. Craft and Bob Rusk, Lockheed-Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Hardware-Software Implementation With Model-Based Design
Sudhir Sharma, MathWorks

Automatic Code Generation at Northrop Grumman
Robert H. Miller, Ph.D., Northrop Grumman Corporation

Model-Based Design for Safety Critical Applications
Bill Potter, MathWorks

Weapon System Fault Detection, Isolation, and Analysis using Stateflow
Rosa Donat, BAE Systems

Verification and Validation Introducing Simulink Design Verifier
Goran Begic, MathWorks

MATLAB/Simulink Modeling for Aircraft Propulsion System Interactions
Ernie Hodge, Modelogics Dr. Jeff Dalton, AVETEC

Modeling Motion Control Systems in Air and Space Vehicles
Terry Denery, Ph.D., MathWorks

Servo Control of a Turbine Gas Metering Valve by Physics-Based Robust Controls (µ) Synthesis
Dr. Peter M. Young, Colorado State University
Dr. Kamran Eftekhari Shahroudi, Woodward

Tuning Your Design with new Simulink Control Tools
Rohit Shenoy, MathWorks

Cielo: A MATLAB-Hosted Environment for Multidisciplinary System Analysis
Greg Moore, Mike Chainyk, Claus Hoff, Eric Larour, John Schiermeier, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Video and Image Processing Embedded System Design
Houman Zarrinkoub, Ph.D., MathWorks