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Hi community members. In the last weeks, I have found my questions are not getting answers. This makes me ask myself if perhaps my questions are extremely difficult to resolve (I do not think so) or otherwise I am wrong in the questions formulation and writing (I have always tried to follow the instructions of the tutorial about how to ask a question and get a faster answer on Matlab Answers). I would like to know if people do not trust on me or what I am doing wrongly.
Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 20 Dec 2011
@Jan Simon: you are right. There was a misunderstanding. I apologize for it. I understood you were asking me to show respect for the community users opinions received (English is not my native language). Regarding to the votes, I also have noticed that people often do not vote the answers given for others. I always vote each one of the answers received because I think it is a prize for the help effort and dedication shown by people. Concerning to quality, basing on my short experience here and some posts I have read (for example, Wish-list for MATLAB Answer sections), it is evident that a lot of things can be improved. We have an important role to achieve it because we are the spokesmen of those improvements. Thank you back, Jan.

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Accepted Answer

Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 17 Dec 2011
It looks like you have accepted answers on 86% of your answers, although your last three questions have not been answered. Those questions are at most 3 days old. If you are not happy with the answers you are accepting, then don't accept them. As for you relatively recent questions they all seem to revolve around a specific uitree java component. They seem like well formed and reasonable questions. It is possible that none of the frequent contributors have the required expertise (I don't).
You might be better off hiring a consultant for these issues. Since they revolve around java, I would suggest
Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 20 Dec 2011
@Malcolm Lidierth: Thank you for your answer. Your application look likes very interesting.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Dec 2011
I do not have experience in most of what you have been asking about. I also do not have restricted capacity to research them at present, as remote access to my server is not presently available.
Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 18 Dec 2011
@Walter Roberson: Thank you so much for your answers. I am grateful for them.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 17 Dec 2011
Don't forget that around this time of year, many people are away, perhaps visiting families, or otherwise busy. They may have extra work to resolve before a deadline approaches at years end. People have lives too. That reduces the number of people who may be willing and able to answer your questions.
If your questions are fairly specific or require knowledge that is not directly about MATLAB as much as JAVA, then this also reduces the set of people who are reading a MATLAB group and also have the knowledge you need.
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Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 18 Dec 2011
@John D'Errico: You are right. Thank you very much for your answer.

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