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Video Formats and Interfaces

Convert between frame-based video and pixel streams

Hardware video processing algorithms operate on serial data. For information on the serial protocol used in Vision HDL Toolbox™, see Streaming Pixel Interface.

You can simulate hardware-friendly streaming-pixel designs alongside frame-based designs. For instance, use frame-based algorithms, such as those designed using Computer Vision Toolbox™ or Image Processing Toolbox™, to verify a hardware-optimized design. Use the Frame To Pixels and Pixels To Frame blocks to convert video between frame-based and streaming-pixel formats.


Frame To PixelsConvert frame-based video to pixel stream
Pixels To FrameConvert pixel stream to frame-based video
Pixel Control Bus CreatorCreate control signal bus for use with Vision HDL Toolbox blocks
Pixel Control Bus SelectorSelect signals from control signal bus used by Vision HDL Toolbox blocks
Measure TimingMeasure timing of pixel control bus input
HV CounterCount active dimensions of pixel stream
Pixel Stream AlignerAlign two streams of pixel data
ROI SelectorSelect a region of interest (ROI) from pixel stream
Pixel Stream FIFOBuffer input stream to create image lines that have contiguous valid pixels


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visionhdl.FrameToPixelsConvert frame-based video to pixel stream
visionhdl.PixelsToFrameConvert pixel stream to frame-based video
visionhdl.MeasureTimingMeasure timing of pixel control structure input
visionhdl.HVCounterCounts active pixel dimensions of streaming video
visionhdl.PixelStreamAlignerAlign two streams of pixel data
visionhdl.ROISelectorSelect region of interest (ROI) from pixel stream


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pixelcontrolsignalsExtract signals from pixel-streaming control signal structure
pixelcontrolstructCreate pixel-streaming control signal structure
pixelcontrolbusCreate pixel-streaming control bus instance
getparamfromfrm2pixGet frame format parameters


Streaming Video

Streaming Pixel Interface

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Pixel Control Bus

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Pixel Control Structure

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