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Physical domain in System Composer


    A PhysicalDomain object describes a physical domain in System Composer™. A physical domain can be used as an owned interface on a port and typed to a physical element on a physical interface.


    Create an owned interface using a physical domain on a port.

    model = systemcomposer.createModel('archModel',true);
    rootArch = get(model,'Architecture');
    newComponent = addComponent(rootArch,'newComponent');
    newPort = addPort(newComponent.Architecture,'newCompPort','physical');
    port = newComponent.getPort('newCompPort');
    interface = port.createInterface();
    interface.Domain = 'mechanical.rotational.rotational'


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    Parent of physical domain, specified as a systemcomposer.arch.ArchitecturePort object.

    Parent System Composer model of physical domain, specified as a systemcomposer.arch.Model object.

    Physical domain, specified as a character vector or string of a partial physical domain name. For a list of valid physical domain names, see Domain-Specific Line Styles (Simscape).

    Data Types: char | string

    Universal unique identifier for physical domain, specified as a character vector.

    Example: '91d5de2c-b14c-4c76-a5d6-5dd0037c52df'

    Data Types: char

    Unique external identifier, specified as a character vector. The external ID is preserved over the lifespan of the physical domain and through all operations that preserve the UUID.

    Data Types: char

    Object Functions

    destroyRemove model element

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    Introduced in R2021b