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Connect components with different interfaces


The Adapter block allows you to connect the source and destination ports of components that have different interface definitions.

Adapter block

To add or connect System Composer™ components:

  • Add an Adapter block from the Modeling tab or the palette. The Adapter block has In and Out ports.

  • Click and drag a port to create a connection. Connect each port to another component. You can also create a new component to complete the connection.

To use an Adapter block:

  • Insert an Adapter block between two ports with different interfaces. You can create mappings between interface elements on each port.

  • Double-click the Adapter block to open the Edit Interface Mappings : Interface Adapter dialog. From here, you can create and edit mappings between input and output interfaces, and apply interface conversions: UnitDelay to break an algebraic loop or RateTransition to reconcile different sample time rates for reference models. For more information, see Interface Adapter.


  • When used for structural interface adaptations, the Adapter block uses bus element ports internally and, subsequently, only supports virtual buses.



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If you connect to a source component, the interfaces on the ports should be compatible.


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If you connect to a destination component, the interfaces on the ports should be compatible.

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Introduced in R2019a