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Operating Points

Find model operating point from specification (trimming) or simulation time, initialize model at operating point

An operating point of a dynamic system specifies the initial states and root-level input signals of the model at a particular time. You can find operating points using command-line tools, the Steady State Manager, or when linearizing a model using the Model Linearizer. For more information about operating points, see About Operating Points and Compute Steady-State Operating Points.


Steady State ManagerFind operating points for Simulink models
Model LinearizerLinearize Simulink models
Linearization ManagerManage linear analysis points and block linearizations (Since R2019b)


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operpointCreate operating point for Simulink model
findopSteady-state operating point from specifications (trimming) or simulation
findopOptionsSet options for finding operating points from specifications
operspecOperating point specifications
initopspecInitialize operating point specification values
addoutputspecAdd output specification to operating point specification
getStateIndexGet index of a state element of an operating point specification
getInputIndexGet index of an input element of an operating point specification
getOutputIndexGet index of an output element of an operating point specification
updateUpdate operating point object with structural changes in model
getinputstructObtain input values from operating point
getstatestructObtain state values from operating point
fastRestartForLinearAnalysisFast restart for linear analysis


Trigger-Based Operating Point SnapshotGenerate operating points at triggered events
Change Operating PointsSwitch between operating points during simulation (Since R2023b)


Steady-State Operating Points

  • About Operating Points
    An operating point of a dynamic system defines the states and root-level input signals of the model at a specific time.
  • Compute Steady-State Operating Points
    To obtain a steady-state operating point, you can trim your model using numerical optimization techniques or simulate your model until it reaches a steady-state condition.
  • Handle Blocks with Internal State Representation
    The operating point object used for linearization and control design does not include Simulink® blocks with internal state representation, such as Memory and Transport Delay blocks.
  • View and Modify Operating Points
    You can view and modify operating point values programmatically at the command line or interactively using the Steady State Manager or Model Linearizer.

Find Operating Points

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