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Input structure from operating point


in_struct = getinputstruct(op_point)


in_struct = getinputstruct(op_point) extracts a structure of input values, in_struct, from the operating point object, op_point. The structure, in_struct, uses the same format as Simulink® software which allows you to set initial values for inputs in the model within the Data Import/Export pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box.


Create an operating point object for the scdplane model:

op_scdplane = operpoint('scdplane');

Extract an input structure from the operating point object:

inputs_scdplane = getinputstruct(op_scdplane)
inputs_scdplane = 

       time: 0
    signals: [1x1 struct]

To view the values of the inputs within this structure, use dot-notation to access the values field:


In this case, the value of the input is 0.

Introduced before R2006a