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Configuration Reuse

Store configuration parameters for multiple models or model variants


attachConfigSetAssociate configuration set or configuration reference with model
attachConfigSetCopyCopy configuration set or configuration reference and associate it with model
detachConfigSetDissociate configuration set or configuration reference from model
getActiveConfigSetGet model's active configuration set or configuration reference
getConfigSetGet one of model's configuration sets or configuration references
getConfigSetsGet names of all of model's configuration sets or configuration references
setActiveConfigSetSpecify model's active configuration set or configuration reference
Simulink.BlockDiagram.loadActiveConfigSetLoad, associate, and activate configuration set with model
Simulink.BlockDiagram.propagateConfigSetPropagate top model configuration reference to referenced models
Simulink.BlockDiagram.restoreConfigSetRestore model configuration for converted models
Simulink.BlockDiagram.saveActiveConfigSetSave active configuration set of model
set_paramSet system and block parameter values
get_paramGet parameter names and values


Simulink.ConfigSetModel configuration set
Simulink.ConfigSetRefLink model to configuration set stored independently of any model

Examples and How To

Multiple Configuration Sets in a Model

Attach additional configuration sets to your model.

Share a Configuration for Multiple Models

Use configuration references to share a configuration set across multiple models.

Share a Configuration Across Referenced Models

Share a configuration set for the top model and referenced models in a hierarchy.

Manage a Configuration Set

Specify interchangeable sets of simulation configuration parameters for a model.

Manage a Configuration Reference

How to use configuration sets that exist independently of models.

Model Configuration Command Line Interface

Create and manipulate configuration sets at the command line or in a script.


About Model Configurations

Overview of model configurations.

About Configuration Sets

A configuration set comprises groups of related parameters called components.

About Configuration References

A model can use a configuration reference to point to a freestanding configuration set.

Model Configuration Pane

Parameters for specifying the name and description of your configuration set.

Model Parameters

Parameters specific to models.