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Share a Configuration Across Referenced Models

This example shows how to share the same configuration set for the top model and referenced models in a model reference hierarchy. You can use a configuration reference in each of the models to reference the same configuration set object in a Simulink® data dictionary that the models are linked to.

Model hierarchy with arrows from the models to the shared configuration set my_configuration.

In the diagram, each model shown in the Dependency Analyzer specifies a configuration reference as its active configuration set. Each reference points to the freestanding configuration set, my_configuration. Therefore, the parameter values in my_configuration apply to all four models. Any parameter change in my_configuration applies to all four models. For more information about configuration references, see Share a Configuration with Multiple Models.

Link Models to Simulink Data Dictionary

Create a Simulink data dictionary to store the configuration set. When you link the models in the hierarchy to the data dictionary, they can reference the configuration set.

  1. Open the sldemo_mdlref_depgraph model. At the command line, enter this command.


  2. On the Modeling tab, under Design, click Link to Data Dictionary.

  3. In the Model Properties dialog box, click New. Name the new Simulink data dictionary SharedDataDictionary and click Save.

  4. Click OK. Because this model includes referenced models, a pop-up window asks you if SharedDataDictionary.sldd should be used for all referenced models that do not already use a dictionary. Click Change all models. The current model and all of its referenced models are linked to the new data dictionary. When the data dictionary is linked, click OK.

The models are now linked to the Simulink data dictionary, SharedDataDictionary.sldd. When you store a configuration set in this data dictionary, the models that are linked to it can reference the configuration set.

Convert Configuration Set to Configuration Reference

In the top model, you must convert the active configuration set to a configuration reference:

  1. Open the Model Explorer.

  2. In the Model Hierarchy pane, expand the top model, sldemo_mdlref_depgraph. In the list, select the Configurations node, and right-click Configuration (Active) in the Contents pane. In the context menu, select Convert to Configuration Reference.

  3. In the Name field, use the default name, Configuration. This configuration set object is stored in the data dictionary SharedDataDictionary.sldd.

  4. Click OK.

The original configuration set is now stored as a configuration set object, Configuration, in the Simulink data dictionary. The active configuration for the top model is now a configuration reference that points to the configuration set object in the data dictionary.

Propagate a Configuration Reference

Now that the top model contains an active configuration reference, you can propagate this configuration reference to all of the child models. Propagation creates a copy of the top model configuration reference in each referenced model and makes it the active configuration. The configuration references point to the configuration set object in the data dictionary.

  1. In the Model Explorer, in the Model Hierarchy pane, expand the sldemo_mdlref_depgraph node and select the Configurations node.

    Model Explorer showing the configurations section of the model sldemo_mdlref_depgraph. The configuration reference Reference is shown as active in the contents pane.

  2. In the Contents pane, right-click the active configuration reference, Reference (Active). In the context menu, select Propagate to Referenced Models.

  3. In the Configuration Reference Propagation dialog box, select the check box for each referenced model. In this example, they are already selected.

  4. The propagation mechanism saves the original configuration parameters for each referenced model so that you can undo the propagation. Click Propagate.

  5. In the Propagation Confirmation dialog box, click OK.

  6. In the Configuration Reference Propagation dialog box, the Propagation Report is updated and the Status for each referenced model is marked as Converted.

    Configuration reference propagation dialog box. The models show the status converted.

Now, each model in the hierarchy references the freestanding configuration Configuration. If you want one model to use a different value for a parameter, you can override individual parameters within the reference that the model uses. For more information, see Change Parameter Value in a Configuration Reference.

Undo a Configuration Reference Propagation

After propagating a configuration reference from a top model to the referenced models, you can undo the propagation for all referenced models by clicking Restore All. If you want to undo the propagation for individual referenced models, in the Undo/Redo column, click the Undo button. The Propagation Report is updated and the Status for the referenced model is set to Restored.

Configuration reference propagation dialog box. Five models show the status converted and one model shows the status restored.

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