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Code Generation

Generate optimized C, C++, CUDA, Verilog, or VHDL that complies with standards

With the code generation capabilities from MathWorks® products, you can generate code from MATLAB® code or Simulink® models. Instead of writing thousands of lines of code by hand, you can increase your productivity and improve the quality of your code. You can generate code for use in applications such as signal processing, industrial controls, embedded vision, and deep learning. Generate C, C++, CUDA®, Verilog®, VHDL®, and PLC code or generate code for middleware architecture and standards such as AUTOSAR or DDS. To qualify your code for certification, verify it against standards such as ISO26262 and DO-178C.


C/C++ Code Generation

HDL Code Generation

GPU Code Generation

PLC Code Generation

Code Generation for Middleware Architectures

Certification and Standards