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DDS Blockset

Design and simulate DDS applications

DDS Blockset provides apps and blocks for modeling and simulating software applications that publish or subscribe to Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware. The blockset includes a DDS dictionary that lets you manage, create, and edit your DDS definitions in Simulink®. You can import DDS specifications as XML files to create a skeleton Simulink model as a starting point for developing algorithms for DDS applications.

DDS Blockset provides blocks for publishing and subscribing samples to DDS, including their corresponding Quality of Service (QoS). It fully integrates with the RTI Connext DDS and eProsima Fast DDS stacks.

DDS Blockset generates C++ code and XML files from Simulink models (with Embedded Coder®).

Get Started

Learn the basics of DDS Blockset

Create DDS Definitions

Create and manage DDS Domains, Topics, Types, and Quality of Service (QoS)

Model DDS Applications in Simulink

Configure DDS application models as Publishers and Subscribers to DDS Topics

Deploy Applications to DDS Network

Generate DDS executables and XML to deploy applications on a DDS network