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Duration in minutes



M = minutes(X) returns an array of minutes equivalent to the values in X.

  • If X is a numeric array, then M is a duration array in units of minutes.

  • If X is a duration array, then M is a double array with each element equal to the number of minutes in the corresponding element of X.

The minutes function converts between duration and double values. To display a duration in units of minutes, set its Format property to 'm'.


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X = magic(4);
M = minutes(X)
M = 4x4 duration
   16 min    2 min    3 min   13 min
    5 min   11 min   10 min    8 min
    9 min    7 min    6 min   12 min
    4 min   14 min   15 min    1 min

Create a duration array.

X = hours(2:10:38) + minutes(30)
X = 1x4 duration
    2.5 hr   12.5 hr   22.5 hr   32.5 hr

Convert each duration in X to a number of minutes.

M = minutes(X)
M = 1×4

         150         750        1350        1950

View the data type of M.

whos M
  Name      Size            Bytes  Class     Attributes

  M         1x4                32  double              

Input Arguments

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Input array, specified as a numeric array, duration array, or logical array.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2014b

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