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Guided Code Generation

Guided code generation using the Configuration Parameters dialog box and Simulink HDL Workflow Advisor

You can generate HDL code for Simulink® models from the UI by using the HDL Code tab in the Simulink toolstrip or by using the Configuration Parameters dialog box. In this dialog box, you can specify various HDL code generation settings including basic folder and language selection to more advanced optimization parameters. To learn about how to generate HDL code from the HDL Code tab, see Generate HDL Code from Simulink Model.

To deploy the generated code to a target device, use the Simulink HDL Workflow Advisor. The Advisor can run end-to-end workflows that check HDL compatibility and deploy the generated code to a target device. HDL Workflow Advisor is not available in Simulink Online™.


hdladvisorDisplay HDL Workflow Advisor
hdlsetupSet up model parameters for HDL code generation
hdlsetuptoolpathSet up system environment to access FPGA synthesis software


Using HDL Workflow Advisor

Using Model Configuration Parameters Dialog Box