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Tuning, Analysis, and Validation

Tune control system parameters and analyze results in Control System Tuner

After your model is set up for tuning, Control System Tuner adjusts the tunable coefficients to meet your design requirements. A tuning report summarizes how well the tuned design satisfies your requirements.

To validate the result, examine system responses and evaluate how closely tuning goals are met. For a control system modeled in Simulink®, write the tuned parameter values to the model for validation against the full nonlinear system.


Hard and Soft Requirements

Manage Tuning Goals

Designate tuning goals as soft requirements or hard constraints.

Analysis and Validation

Interpret Numeric Tuning Results

Tuning reports from systune and Control System Tuner give you an overview of how well the tuned control system meets your tuning goals.

Visualize Tuning Goals

Tuning-goal plots let you visualize your design requirements against tuned system responses, to see where and by how much tuning goals are satisfied or violated.

Validate Tuned Control System

When you tune a control system, validate the results by examining system responses with the tuned parameters.

Create Response Plots in Control System Tuner

Control System Tuner can generate many types of response plots in the time and frequency domains. View responses of SISO or MIMO transfer functions between inputs and outputs at any location in your model.

Examine Tuned Controller Parameters in Control System Tuner

Use the Data Browser or the Tuned Block Editor to examine the parameters of tuned controllers in Control System Tuner.

Compare Performance of Multiple Tuned Controllers

Control System Tuner lets you compare the performance of a control system tuned with two different sets of tuning goals.

Generate MATLAB Code from Control System Tuner for Command-Line Tuning

Generated scripts are useful when you want to programmatically reproduce a result you obtained interactively using Control System Tuner.