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Reflector Antennas

Rectangular, circular, grid, cylindrical, parabolic, corner, and dual reflectors

Antennas performance can be improved using reflectors. Reflector antennas are used to increase directivity. These antennas are used in space craft applications.


Antenna DesignerDesign, visualize, and analyze antennas


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cassegrainCreate Cassegrain antenna
cassegrainOffsetCreate offset Cassegrain antenna
customDualReflectorsCreate custom dual-reflector antenna
gregorianCreate Gregorian antenna
gregorianOffsetCreate offset Gregorian antenna
reflectorParabolicCreate parabolic reflector antenna
reflectorCylindricalCreate cylindrical reflector-backed antenna
reflectorSphericalCreate spherical reflector-backed antenna
reflectorCreate reflector-backed antenna
reflectorCircularCreate circular reflector-backed antenna
reflectorCornerCreate corner reflector-backed antenna
reflectorGridCreate grid reflector-backed antenna


showDisplay antenna, array structures or shapes
infoDisplay information about antenna or array
numGridsToSpacingCalculate grid spacing in grid for reflectorGrid object
convergenceCalculate and plot convergence of FMM solver