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Yagi-Uda, dielectric lens, sector antenna, cloverleaf, phantom head analysis, birdcage

Yagi-Udas are used in directive antenna applications such as television reception. The antenna consists of a driving element, a reflector, and several directors.


Antenna DesignerDesign, visualize, and analyze antennas


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quadCustomCreate Yagi-Uda custom array antenna (Since R2019b)
lpdaCreate printed log-periodic dipole array antenna
yagiUdaCreate Yagi-Uda array antenna
dielectricLensCreate dielectric lens (Since R2024a)
cloverleafCreate three-petal cloverleaf antenna
birdcageCreates birdcage (MRI coil)
sectorInvertedAmosCreate inverted Amos sector antenna


showDisplay antenna, array structures, shapes, or platform
infoDisplay information about antenna, array, or platform
designDesign prototype antenna or arrays for resonance around specified frequency or create AI-based antenna from antenna catalog objects