Engineers use model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to manage system complexity, improve communication, and produce optimized system performance. Successful MBSE requires the synthesis of stakeholder requirements into architecture models to create intuitive system descriptions.

MATLAB®, Simulink®, System Composer™, and Requirements Toolbox™ together provide a platform to create descriptive architecture models that seamlessly bridge into detailed implementation models. The connected environment ensures items across the architecture and design worlds stay in sync. Systems engineers can establish a digital thread to navigate between system requirements, architecture models, implementation models, and embedded software.

Access these resources and learn how you can:

  • Capture and manage system requirements enabling impact and coverage analysis
  • Optimize system architectures by capturing architecture metadata and directly connecting to MATLAB analytics for domain-specific trade studies
  • Create simplified model views to isolate the components of interest for different engineering concerns
  • Validate requirements and verify system architectures using simulation-based tests
  • Translate and refine requirements into architectures with components ready for simulation and implementation using Model-Based Design in Simulink

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