Use Cases

Explore how MATLAB is used for neuroscience applications

Human Brain Mapping

Use cases illustrating analysis of macroscopic data modalities, such as MRI, EEG, ECoG, MEG, and NIRS

This technical article describes how a UCL neuroscientist developed a prizewinning algorithm to predict when seizures were about to occur from human intracortical EEG data.

Cellular Neuroscience

Use cases illustrating analysis of microscale data modalities, including microelectrode and microscope techniques

This article describes how a UCL neuroscientist developed a fast algorithm to efficiently analyze data from new silicon microfabricated high-density neural probes.

Behavior and Psychophysics

Use cases illustrating control and/or analysis of experimental subject data streams, including sensory, motor, and decision modes

This article by neuroscientists at University of Zurich illustrates the control of visual stimuli and measurement of motion in a neuroscience experiment. Licensed by Keller et al. under CC-BY 4.0 (


Use cases illustrating clinical or consumer applications of neuroscience, often including neurostimulation or brain-computer interface (BCI) systems

This user story describes how Battelle Memorial Institute developed a BCI allowing a paralyzed research volunteer to move and control his own arm and hand.