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Free passes for everyone!
THIS PROBLEM IS TEMPORALLY DECOMMISSIONED WHILE IT IS UPDATED. PLEASE WAIT _Simply return the name of the coolest numerical c...

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parallel.gpu.CUDAKernel slow on GTX 1080
Hi Kuan-Ting, The reason for the slow performance that you have observed is because of the one time compilation of the CUDA a...

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How to use LIBSVM on 64 bit Windows 7 Professional with MATLAB R2015b version?
There is a known issue with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and Windows SDK 7.1. I would suggest you to take a look at the foll...

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Current client context warning
This issue could be caused if any user-defined function name conflicts with MATLAB builtin function name. To resolve this iss...

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how to pass parameters to a function handle in spmd block
You should be able to call using the function handle inside the spmd block by passing the parameters to it. You can find the exa...

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Raspberry Pi - Camera board error
It looks like for some reason operation has stalled for over 60 seconds. To troubleshoot the issue, 1. Make sure that MAT...

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Installed OS Generic Video but no imaq adaptor found
If you used the following command to install the OS Generic Video, check in the path that was mentioned in the last window of th...

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How to change symbolic solver from maple to matlab
Hi Xianjie, MUPAD engine replaced Maple engine starting from MATLAB version R2007b+ and hence option was provided to switch t...

etwa 8 Jahre vor | 2

Instrcallback function and while loops
Hi Maheen, I understand that you have set the callback function to be triggered when bytes-available event is generated. In y...

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ActiveX PROGID does not represent an Activex control, h = actxcontrol('uc480.uc480Ctrl.1')
Hello, Please check the bitness of MATLAB and ActiveX control. Several users usually see this error message while trying to u...

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