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Installed OS Generic Video but no imaq adaptor found

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John Porter
John Porter am 15 Apr. 2016
Beantwortet: Ritesh Naik am 18 Apr. 2016
I have installed OS Generic Video on my linux computer. When I type in imaqhwinfo I get:
imaqInfo =
InstalledAdaptors: {'dcam' 'gentl'}
MATLABVersion: '9.0 (R2016a)'
ToolboxName: 'Image Acquisition Toolbox'
ToolboxVersion: '5.0 (R2016a)'
From what I read, it seems like I want linuxvideo but its not there. The camera I'm using is ELP-USB500W02M-L21, and it works fine on a windows computer but not linux.
What is wrong and how do I fix it?
Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Ritesh Naik
Ritesh Naik am 18 Apr. 2016
If you used the following command to install the OS Generic Video, check in the path that was mentioned in the last window of the installation(path where support packages are installed) and check if you have the '' dll and other required files('mwlinuxvideoimaq.imdf' and '') present in the {path-where-support-packages-are-installed }/genericvideo/adaptor/glnxa64/
It is suggested to use the 'supportPackageInstaller' to install support packages. Following link talks about the same:
If you find the '' and other required files present in the expected path and still 'linuxvideo' is not shown as the installed adaptors, try opening MATLAB with administrator privileges and also check permissions of the folder where OS Generic Video support package is installed.


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