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ActiveX PROGID does not represent an Activex control, h = actxcontro​l('uc480.u​c480Ctrl.1​')

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I am using a DCU223M CCD camera from thorlabs. When I try the following command,
h = actxcontrol('uc480.uc480Ctrl.1')
the following error is returned
Error using feval Input PROGID does not represent an Activex control. If this PROGID used to work before, please check vendor's documentation for equivalent activex control progid.
I have checked in the registry and the uc480.uc480Ctrl.1 progID does exist so why does matlab not recognise it. The camera works using Thorlabs Thorcam software and an independent ActiveX viewer

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Ritesh Naik
Ritesh Naik am 7 Mär. 2016
Please check the bitness of MATLAB and ActiveX control. Several users usually see this error message while trying to use 32-bit ActiveX controls with 64-bit MATLAB.
The ability to use 32-bit ActiveX controls with 64-bit MATLAB is not available. and is a limitation of the 64-bit Windows operating system. ActiveX controls are "in-process" COM objects which can not be used by 64-bit applications.
The workaround is to install a 32-bit version of MATLAB on the 64-bit machine.
Please enter the following command in MATLAB window to check the bitness of MATLAB:
>> mexext
Please let me know if you are loading the ActiveX control of the right bitness that matches with MATLAB's bitness and still you are seeing this error message.
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Pushpa Saravanan
Pushpa Saravanan am 3 Mär. 2017
I got the same error message, i checked the bitness of matlab it shows "mexw64". Pls help me what could be done next.

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