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Dick Benson

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After 30 years as a hardware development engineer in the T&M industry, I joined the Mathworks Applications Engineering group. When I started in 2001, the AE head count was about 10. When I retired in 2015, it was over 200! Working for a growing organization is far better than a shrinking one. That said, I am still an avid user of both MATLAB and Simulink. My latest Simulink project is and FPGA based radio (see my QRZ page). As for MATLAB, I'm using it to control GPIB based test equipment. New uploads will hopefully be coming soon! (September 2017).


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Simulink Stereo Audio Output
Use the MATRIX Concatonate block to create an [Nx2] signal to feed the To Audio Device block. In the case of feeding 2 scaler ...

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