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Senior Scientist (male/man) and Inventor in one of the world's 10 largest industrial corporations doing image analysis full time. Ph.D. in Optical Sciences specializing in imaging, image processing, and image analysis. 40+ years of military, academic, and (mostly) industrial experience with image analysis programming and algorithm development. Experience designing custom light booths and other imaging systems. Experience with color and monochrome imaging, video analysis, thermal, ultraviolet, hyperspectral, CT, MRI, radiography, profilometry, microscopy, NIR and Raman spectroscopy, etc. on a huge variety of subjects. Member of the Mathworks Community Advisory Board. Be sure to click "View All" in my File Exchange to see ALL of my demos and tutorials: Professional Interests: Image analysis and processing

Programming Languages:
MATLAB, Visual Basic
Spoken Languages:
Professional Interests:
Deep Learning with Images, Industrial Statistics, Image Processing and Computer Vision


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