Robot Autonomy and Control Workshop

A workshop covering the essentials of programming autonomous tasks for mobile robots with MATLAB and Simulink.
Aktualisiert 31 Aug 2021

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A workshop covering the essentials of programming autonomous tasks for mobile robots. Learn the basic components of successful autonomy algorithms and how to use VEX sensors with various control techniques to localize your robot, identify map features, and track objects of interest.
Workshop outline:
- Intro to Robot Autonomy
- Simulation and Graphical Modeling Overview
- Individual Autonomy Tasks:
* Avoiding Obstacles
* Moving for Time (Temporal Logic)
* Dead Reckoning (State Machines)
* Navigating with Encoders (On/Off)
* Determining Position (Odometry)
* Controlling Position (PID)
* Detecting Objects
- Complete Autonomous Implementation
- Summary and Resources

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