This toolbox represents the MATLAB Installer Add-On for the NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234
Aktualisiert 14 Okt 2019

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To install the NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234 Automotive Vision Processor, please follow these steps:

1. Go to MATLAB Add-On Manager and select the NXP Support Package S32V234 toolbox.
2. Select Open Folder option to navigate to the installation path.
3. Run NXP_Support_Package_S32V234.m script and follow the steps shown on the UI

The NXP Vision Toolbox for MATLAB is a complementary integrated development environment for S32V234 processor which is a high-performance automotive processor designed to support safe computation-intensive applications in the area of vision and sensor fusion. The NXP Vision Toolbox for MATLAB enables editing, simulation, compiling and deployment of designs from MATLAB environment.

Based on Mathworks® software including Image Processing, Computer Vision System and Deep Learning Toolboxes the NXP Vision Toolbox offers designers a straightforward development tool that makes vision accelerators programming easy. NXP software, along with the NXP Vision Toolbox provides a comprehensive enablement environment that reduces development time.

Please visit our community - https://community.nxp.com/community/mbdt - for examples and support.

- Seamless integration with MATLAB environment for easy vision application development, simulations and target running support
- Generate code for Linux™ based applications with direct download to target support
- Built-in support for IO functions to control onboard camera and display
- Integrated NXP Software: Vision SDK, Linux board support package, NXP APU Compiler
- Support A53 and APEX programming directly from MATLAB m-scripting
- Includes collaterals providing convenient access to manuals, tool guides, how-to videos and application notes
- Example projects demonstrating ISP and APEX functionalities based on Mathworks Computer Vision System Toolbox examples
- Example projects demonstrating Machine Learning functionalities based on Mathworks Deep Learning Toolbox examples

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NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox Team (2024). NXP_Support_Package_S32V234 (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/67774-nxp_support_package_s32v234), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

Kompatibilität der MATLAB-Version
Erstellt mit R2019a
Kompatibel mit R2018a bis R2019b
Windows macOS Linux

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Version Veröffentlicht Versionshinweise

- Update installer to support VisionSDK v1.4.0 release
- Update installer to support the Vision Toolbox 1.2.0 release


- Update installer to support VisionSDK v1.3.0 release
- Update installer to support the Vision Toolbox 1.1.0 release


- Add support for creating environment variables automatically
- Update installer to support VisionSDK v1.2.0 release with HF1 & HF2
- Update installer to support the Vision Toolbox 2018.R1 release