4 months ago, the new API was published to access content on the MATLAB Central community. I shared my MATLAB code to access the API at that time, but the team just released the official SDK.
Houman and Rameez will talk about how you can model wireless networks (5G, WLAN, Bluetooth, 802.11ax WLAN mesh, etc.) in MATLAB in the upcoming livestream. They will start with the basics such as nodes, links, topology and metrics. Then they will introduce a new free add-on library that lets you model such networks, and show you how to use it.
Bookmark this link:
Congratulations, @Adam Danz for winning the Editor's Pick badge awarded for MATLAB Answers, in recognition of your awesome solution in overlapping images in grid layout.
Thank you for going to great lengths to help a user in this thread by suggesting alternative approach to representing stack of playing cards in MATLAB, highlighting very interesting features like hggroup.
This badge recognizes awesome answers people contribute and yours was picked for providing a very detailed and helpful answer.
Thank you so much for setting a high standard for MATLAB Answers and for your ongoing contribution to the community.
MATLAB Central Team
Toshiaki Takeuchi
Toshiaki Takeuchi
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Congratuations, @Voss, for htting this important miletone!
You had a meteoric rise to in our community since you started answering questions in June 2020.
You provided 3218 answers and 926 votes. You are ranked #23 in the community. Thank you for your contribution to the community and please keep up the good track record!
MATLAB Central Team
MATLAB Onramp is a free online tutorial and it has been very popular with new MATLAB users to learn how to use it, and MathWorks have been adding more and more modules. The lastest one just dropped https://matlabacademy.mathworks.com/details/power-systems-simulation-onramp/orps
It shows you the basics of power system simulation by modeling a simple microgrid. You will learn how to simulate and measure three-phase circuits, and how to evaluate algorithms like droop control and maximum power point tracking.
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler
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Here's a screenshot from 22 years ago. Thanks for building one of the best engineering and science communities together.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst
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Hello, an intern working at MathWorks is finishing up his program soon and he would like to interview some MATLAB users. He is looking for people who can give their perspective on the question:
"What makes MATLAB and Simulink special in comparison to other languages?"
Ultimately he plans to condense the answers into 15-second videos or sound bites.
If people are willing to participate but want more time to talk about their experience with MATLAB, he doesn't have time left for in-depth interviews but he can find someone else to take over the project.
Please send me an email via my profle if you are interested.

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Image Analyst
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half empty.
twice as big as it needs to be.
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What glass???
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Getting Started with Simulink | Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Simulink
Watch live as Tianyi Zhu and Ashwin Dhawad walk through how you can get started with Simulink by modeling, simulating, and tuning a PID controller for a DC Motor. This session isn’t just for beginners; they will show you the latest and greatest tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Simulink.
Date & Time: May 25, 2023 at 11:00 am EDT (see time in your time zone)
MATLAB Central has been great community-based MATLAB resources, but you can now access its content programmatically via the public API, and I created a MATLAB function to take advantage of that. You can learn more here https://api.mathworks.com/community
data = searchMATLABCentral("plotting",scope="matlab-answers",sort_order="created desc",created_after=datetime("2023-01-01"));
T = struct2table(data.items);
function results = searchMATLABCentral(query,options)
% SEARCGMATLABCENTRAL retrieves content of the MATLAB Central for a given
% query and returns the result as a struct.
% The function uses MathWorks RESTful API to search for content.
% The API is rate limited via IP throttling. No authentication is required.
% See API documentation for more details https://api.mathworks.com/community
% Input Arguments:
% query (string) - Required. The search query string.
% scope (string) - Optional. Specify the artifact. If not specified,
% the scope defaults to 'matlab-answers'.
% Other options include 'file-exchange','blogs','cody',
% 'community-highlights', and 'community-contests'.
% tags (string) - Optional. Specify a comma-separated list of tags.
% created_before (datetime) - Optional. Specify the last date in the results
% created_after (datetime) - Optional. Specify the first date in the results
% sort_order (string) - Optional. Speficy the order of the results.
% If not specified, it defaults to "relevance desc".
% Other options include 'created asc', 'created desc',
% 'updated asc','updated desc', 'relevance asc',
% and 'relevance desc'.
% page (integer) - Optional. Specify the page to retrieve.
% If the 'has_more' field in the result is positive,
% increment this argument to retrieve the next page.
% count (integer) - Optional. Specify the number of results as a value
% between 1 and 50; The default is 10.
% Output Arguments:
% results (struct) - Structure array containing the results of the search.
% validate input arguments
query string {mustBeNonzeroLengthText,mustBeTextScalar}
options.scope string {mustBeMember(options.scope,["matlab-answers", ...
"file-exchange","blogs","cody","community-highlights", ...
"community-contests"])} = "matlab-answers";
options.tags string {mustBeNonzeroLengthText,mustBeVector}
options.created_before (1,1) datetime
options.created_after (1,1) datetime
options.sort_order string {mustBeMember(options.sort_order,["created asc", ...
"created desc","updated asc","updated desc","relevance asc","relevance desc"])}
options.page double {mustBeInteger,mustBeGreaterThan(options.page,0)}
options.count double {mustBeInteger,mustBeInRange(options.count,1,50)}
% API URL and endpoint
url = "https://api.mathworks.com/community";
endpoint = "/v1/search";
% convert MATLAB datetime to the internet datetime format string
if isfield(options,"created_before")
options.created_before = string(options.created_before,"yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'");
if isfield(options,"created_after")
options.created_after = string(options.created_after,"yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'");
% convert optional inputs into a cell array of key-value pairs
keys = fieldnames(options);
vals = struct2cell(options);
params = [keys,vals].';
% call the API
results = webread(url+endpoint,"query",query,params{:});
catch ME
Congratulations, @John D'Errico for winning the Editor's Pick badge awarded for MATLAB Answers, in recognition of your awesome solution in What to be chosen c so that all elements of matrix B will be a round number. B=A.c; where A is the matrix of non integers. The OP has not accepted his answer yet, but
As with other nominated answers, you provided detailed explanation with examples to show that what the OP is looking for may not be possible in some cases.
Unfortunately, you can only get this badge once - perhaps this raises a question about how this award should work. In any case, we nonetheles appreciate your ongoing effort to help other users in the community. Thnk you so much!
MATLAB Central Team
Object Detection and Tracking using Computer Vision
In this event, Matt and Megan show you how to perform one or the more difficult task in computer vision: tracking multiple objects.
They will walk through an example from the new Coursera specialization, Computer Vision for Engineering and Science. The code and video used in the example are available to those who sign up for the specialization.
Date & Time: May 11, 2022 at 11:00 am EDT (see time in your time zone)
Wireless Connectivity and Radar
Autonomous Systems and Robotics
Cloud, Enterprise, and DevOps
Algorithms and Data Analytics
Modeling and Simulation
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What is test-driven development?
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