Compiled version not working because of path

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I have compiled similar programs successfully with earlier versions (e.g. 2017a), but now in 2019b have this issue.
Get this message in testing the software:
ctrlv error.png
Here is the code that may be a problem. I also use the utility uipickfiles() from file exchange. Never use "addpath" itself. How do you find files if not like this?
% Plot the logo
[~,lingo] = dos('set username');
login = lingo(10:end-1);
% Plot the background and the logo: Background on axes2, logo on axes3
dir_name = ['C:\Users\',login,'\Desktop'];
wiggle_file_name = [dir_name,'\wiggles3.jpg'];
if exist(wiggle_file_name,'file')
logo_file_name = [dir_name,'\ctrl_v_logo.jpg'];
% imshow(logo_file_name); % Overwrites axes2
Any thoughts? This part is just to put a logo on the screen to start the program -- used to work! I'm not sure if the error occurs elsewhere, though.
I advise the user to put the installer on the Desktop as well as these figures.

Accepted Answer

Allen on 25 Jan 2020
If you are certain that the image you are looking for is always going to be on the Desktop and your OS is Win10, you can try the following line of code. This should work for Win8 as well, but am not certain about other OSs. I use this line of code frequently with trying to setup a splahscreen for my apps and executables, and have done so in the latest version of MATLAB.
dir_name = ['C:\Users\',getenv('USERNAME'),'\Desktop\'];
Allen on 25 Jan 2020
I typically use uigetfile for initiating user file selections. I also like to assign a default starting directory when using uigetfile and its counterpart uiputfile in my GUIs. As I delve further into using this GUI, I generally have a project folder that I save and access pertinent files and it makes sense to update this default directory. The following is a short example of how I might call this function and update it if changed within a GUIDE GUI.
[fn,pn] = uigetfile(fullfile(handles.startdir,'*.mat'),'Select Project File','MultiSelect','off');
if ~isnumeric(pn)
handles.startdir = pn;
% Update handles structure

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Jan 2020
You need to modify your startup.m so that it does not add anything to the search path if isdeployed() is true.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Jan 2020
However even if you place the cd() or addpath() command in the "if ~isdeployed" block, it will still warn you -- I know from experience. In that case, just ignore the warning.

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Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson on 26 Jan 2020
Thank you for all the help!
I actually found out that restoredefaultpath() was needed to clear up the mess!
I've learned a lot more now, though, and thanks to everyone!


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